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20130504-213430.jpgSetting up some new BLISS wheels & ANDALE bearings before the session!

20130504-213627.jpgShowed up to the Zarape Shop and there was so many kids waiting for the signing/video premier.

20130504-214037.jpgThese two kids showed up at 6am to wait in line for the signing, so wild!

20130504-214649.jpgEveryone was super hyped on Diego’s welcome to *AMMO* “Cinco De Mayo” part.

20130504-214803.jpgJonny rolled his ankle jumping down some big ass stairs today, he’s out for the rest of the trip. :-/

20130504-214918.jpgyupp Javier Nuñez getting switch on this Hubba, *AMMO* In Mexico video coming soon…

20130504-215021.jpgDiego is a beast!

20130504-215106.jpgThanks to Mario Saenz for hooking up the trip!

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Photo Updates 10/14/12

 The first MSA product arrives in November. It’s the MSA iPhone 4 case. Only 100 made!

I’m hyped that Mainline skate shop in LA has some *AMMO* boards. Get them while you can guys!

I brought some goodies over to Cherry Park yesterday for everyone! I’m glad you guys liked it!

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FELIX, Javier Nunez n my new *AMMO* boards are available on the site n at select shops! Artwork By: Chase Tafoya

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Little Jonny rocking that *AMMO* “Multi Camo” hat, hyped on this hat.

AXION crew kicking it at the booth for AGENDA!

Little Jonny enjoying throwing bags at my face, Haha little kids!

Felix & Spanish Mike filming for a”Famous Booth” FTV.

“Mini Manny”


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AMMO: Soul Skating Hollenbeck Contest

Some local LA skateboarders came together for a friendly competition organized by “Soul Skating” Skate shop.

Manny and Felix helped out with some hosting and judging duties at Hollenbeck Plaza. Click through and check out some of the local talent…

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AMMO: Congrats Tim Torres!

 Check out this photo from Manny‘s Facebook Fan Page with a caption that read “big ups to everyone who showed up to the event today! Congrats to everyone who skated and big ups to Tim Torres who got first and won my *AMMO* personality board.”.

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HOMIE HYPE: Lil Johnny

Check out a picture from Manny‘s Facebook Fan Page of Lil Johnny‘s first boardslide!

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HOMIE HYPE: Johnny Hernandez

Johnny‘s definitely a very impressive skateboarder, regardless of the fact that he’s only 12 years old. He busted all of these tricks in one night, and after landing the ender he was exhausted and bummed out about being sore for PE class the next morning. If Johnny’s PE teacher only knew how hard he skates, he would probably never make him do PE class again! Ammo has recently recruited Johnny to their army, and after watching this video, you’ll understand why…

Shout out to Moby Rich for his beat!

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AMMO X MIA X Bum Rush The Spot

Check out the trip to Miami to host “Bum Rush The Spot” and drop the MIA skateshop X *AMMO* collaboration. We skated the “NMB” hubba thanks to the *AMMO* “CAN’T STOPPER” with all the local Dade County skaters and special guests Aquil Brathwaite and Luis Tolentino

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New Years Revolution is *AMMO* skateboards first promo featuring a few months of Manny Santiago, Javier Nuñez, and Felix’s skateboarding. We believe a montage of the *TROOP* in action was the best representation of their actual camaraderie they share. *AMMO* wishes you all the Happiest New Year and all the best in 2012.”

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