AMMO Skateboards


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The *AMMO* “Mobile Gallery” presents JONA CERWINSKE . *AMMO* will feature a notable artists work on the *AMMO* van periodically, then the art will live forever on a video, a skateboard, and t-shirt. The van is then white washed and turned over to the next artist. WHAT’S YOUR *AMMO*!?!

AMMO Hype: Javier Nunez “FaceTime”

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The revolution continues with Javier Nunez ledge to manual combo… His fakie nosegrind to fakie manual to fakie flip out displays amazing control. This is the second of 3 videos from the *TROOP* to support the *AMMO* “FACETIME” series. These skateboards are available now for a limited time and definitely a collectors piece !