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Throwback Clips: Manny Santiago – 3 Shuv Noseslide

This week’s Throwback Clip goes to Manny Santiago with a 3 Shuv Noseslide

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Louie Lopez iON Air Pro 3 at 120FPS

Louie Lopez starts this week off right with some warm up tricks filmed at 120FPS. Click play & enjoy!

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3rd Annual Prince of Puerto Rico

Our 3rd annual Prince of Puerto Rico contest went off bigger & better than ever before at the Ponce skate plaza. In hopes of continuing to grow the “pompeo” (the vibe), we added the “koki” division (juniors), symbolic to the island’s tiny frog mascot. The crew had a fun run in the streets with a few tough breaks leading up to the event. Hope you enjoy the look into Manny Santiago, Dave Bachinsky, Jordan Hoffart, Jonny Hernandez, Felix Arguelles, & Diego Najera‘s trip leading up to POPR 3. See you next year!

Filmed By:
Spanish Mike
Elliott Vecchia
Arnaldo Rosario
Pedro Huck
Papo Films
Carlos Rodriguez
Orlando Colon

Edited By:
Spanish Mike

Music By:

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LIVE&LEARN Episode 3: Sheckler Sessions

MSA presents “LIVE&LEARN” with Manny Santiago, where you get an insight on Manny’s adventures in his everyday life.

In this episode, Manny heads down to San Clemente with Dave Bachinsky and Spanish Mike to meet up with Ryan Sheckler and his crew. They met up in Sheckler’s hometown park to warm up before they headed to Sheckler’s private warehouse. After skating and having a quick session, Manny had a great idea and told Sheckler to bring some of the flat bars and ramps to his house for a great end of the day session. Watch to see where Manny ends up on his next episode.

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HOMIE HYPE: Paul Rodriguez

Here’s Episode 3: Part 2 of Paul Rodriguez‘s Life series titled League Matters!

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Hype - posted on November 28, 2012 by

HOMIE HYPE: Paul Rodriguez

Here’s Episode 3 Part 1 from Paul Rodriguez‘s Life series!

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Throwback Thursday: Bryan Herman

This week’s Throwback Thursday goes to Bryan Herman‘s part from the “Baker 3″ video. I used to love watching this part, and look forward to this…

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Hype - posted on June 9, 2012 by

Paul Rodriguez’s Full Clip Friday #3

Check out Paul Rodriguez‘s Full Clip Friday #3!

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Famous X MSA “Down 4 Life” Tee

This is 3 of 4 video clips that Manny will be releasing to promote the FAMOUS x MSA line, 4 T’s 4 lines. This clip showcases the “DOWN 4 LIFE” T- shirt. Stay tuned next week for the 4th video clip!

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