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What is Nano silicon Powder?

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What is Nano siWhat is Nano silicon Powder?
Nanocrystalline silicon refers to crystalline silicon particles less than 5 nanometers (1 billion (1G) of a meter) in diameter. Nano silicon powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size and uniform distribution. With the characteristics of large surface area, high surface activity and low loose density, the product is non-toxic and tasteless. Nano Si powder is a new generation of photoelectric semiconductor material, which has a wide gap energy semiconductor and is also a high-power light source material.
Nano Si Powder preparation
Some methods used to synthesize silicon nanoparticles are reverse microemulsion and flame synthesis and widely used sol-gel. In a reverse microemulsion, surfactant molecules dissolved in an organic solvent form spherical micelles. In the presence of water, the polar head groups organize themselves to form water-containing microcavities, usually called reverse micelles.
When synthesizing silicon nanoparticles, the addition of silicon alkoxide and catalyst to the medium containing reverse micelles can be carefully controlled to make the nanoparticles grow in the microcavity. The main disadvantages of the reverse micro emulsification method are the high cost and difficulty in removing the surfactant in the final product.
Besides, by reacting 1 kg of sulphuric acid 3M with 190 g of Olivine at 90°C in a stirred reactor 65 g of nano-silicon is produced. The features of the silicon produced are a specific surface area of 100-500 m²/g, a mean particle size of 5-20 nm and a specific surface area in micropores of 20- 200 m²/g.
Nano Si Powder application 
1. Lithium battery anode material
Nano silicon powder is used in the anode material of rechargeable lithium battery, or the surface of nano silicon powder is coated with graphite as the anode material of rechargeable lithium battery, which improves the electric capacity of a rechargeable lithium battery by more than 10 Capacity and a number of charge and discharge cycles.
2. Nano-silicon semiconductor light-emitting materials
Silicon/silicon oxide nanostructures designed on a silicon substrate, which can achieve photoluminescence and forward or reverse bias in all major wavelength bands (including 1.54 and 1.62µm) from near-ultraviolet to near-infrared Low threshold voltage electroluminescence.
3. Aluminum castable
Adding Si powder can significantly reduce the creep rate of high-aluminum casting castings in high-temperature furnaces, prevent cracks and spalling of the furnace lining due to shrinkage and creep, and improve service life.
4. Tire cord fabric compound
Adding silicon nanoparticles to the tire cord fabric compound can increase the 300% constant tensile stress of vulcanizate, tensile properties, tear strength, reduce Mooney viscosity, and have a certain reinforcing effect on the compound.
5. Coatings
Adding Nano Si Powder to the coating system can improve the anti-aging, scrub resistance, and anti-staining properties of the coating, and finally extend the service life of the coating.
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