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Types and use of ball bearings

wallpapers News 2021-04-14
What is a ball bearing?
Ball-bearing is a kind of rolling bearing. The ball is installed between the inner steel ring and the outer steel ring, which can bear the coaxiality. Also called ball bearings.
Is there a certain type of ball bearing?
1. Deep groove ball bearings. The most commonly used bearings are deep groove ball bearings
2. Angular contact ball bearings
3. Self-aligning ball bearings
4. Thrust ball bearings
5. Spherical roller bearings
6. Cylinder roller bearings
7. Tapered roller bearings
8. Needle roller bearings.

Functional characteristics of ceramic materials used to manufacture rolling bearing parts
1. Low density. Because the density of the rolling elements is reduced, the centrifugal load is also reduced during high-speed operation, so it can operate at a higher speed.
2. Medium modulus of elasticity. If the modulus of elasticity is too large, the bearing capacity will be reduced due to stress concentration.
3. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small. Reduce the sensitivity to environmental temperature changes, and make the bearing environmental temperature range wider.
4. High compressive strength. High compressive strength is a prerequisite for rolling bearings to withstand high stress.
5. High hardness and high toughness. These two features can be combined to get a good surface roughness; and can avoid the damage of foreign particles and impact.
6. Excellent resistance to rolling contact loss and peeling failure mode.
7. The unique place should have high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and stability.

The difference between ceramic ball bearings and steel ball bearings
The contact surface of the ring and the rolling element is subjected to the effect of applied load and rotation, so that the contact stress and deformation are continuously caused. Because of the material and functional characteristics of the steel bearing itself, the key form of bearing damage is loss and spalling, the loss of life is short, and the use area is greatly restricted. Ceramic materials have the advantages of low density, medium elastic modulus, small coefficient of thermal expansion, high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-magnetic. Ceramic ball bearings with silicon nitride ceramic balls as rolling elements can significantly increase bearing contact loss The service life has greatly expanded the application range of rolling bearings, and has been widely used in various high-precision, high-speed machine tools, automobiles, racing cars, subways, motors, aero engines, petrochemical machinery, metallurgical machinery, etc.
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