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Design steps of bearing knowledge shaft

wallpapers News 2021-06-10
Design steps of the shaft
(1) Choose materials according to the working conditions of the shaft and determine the allowable stress.
(2) The minimum diameter of the shaft is estimated according to the torsion strength.
(3) Design the structure of the shaft and draw the structural sketch of the shaft. Including according to the work requirements to determine the position of the shaft parts and fixed mode; Determine the diameter of each shaft segment; Determine the length of each shaft segment; Determine shaft structural details according to relevant design manual
(4) check the strength of the shaft by bending and twisting.
(5) Modify the structure of the shaft and then check the calculation.
(6) Draw the spare parts drawing of the shaft.
Function and type of bearing
Bearings are used to support the shaft and the parts on the shaft, to maintain the rotation accuracy of the shaft and to reduce the friction and wear between the shaft and the support. According to the different friction properties of the working surface, bearings are divided into two categories: sliding bearings and rolling bearings.
According to the direction of the load, the direction of the reaction force on the bearing is vertical to the centerline of the shaft, which is called the centripetal bearing, and the centerline of the shaft is equal to the thrust bearing.
According to the lubrication state, sliding bearings are divided into non-liquid lubricated bearings and liquid lubricated bearings.
The main characteristics of sliding bearings are smooth work, low noise rolling bearings, liquid oil film has a certain vibration absorption performance, starting friction of ordinary sliding bearings is larger than that of rolling bearings.
For precision, high speed, heavy load and bearing impact or vibration of the machine, the sliding bearing has been widely used. In order to reduce costs, some unimportant low-speed bearings are often adopted in the form of plain bearings. In addition, sliding bearings can also work in water or corrosive media.
The design of sliding bearings includes: determining the structural form and material types of bearings and tile shafts, determining the relevant parameters of bearings, calculating the bearing capacity of bearings, selecting lubricants and lubrication methods.
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