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A wide range of semiconductor materials

wallpapers News 2021-05-20
What are the silicides powder?
A binary compound of certain metals (e.g., lithium, calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium, etc.) and certain nonmetals (e.g., boron) with silicon.It is generally crystal, metallic luster, hard and has a high melting point.One metal or nonmetal can form a variety of silicides.Such as iron can produce FeSi, FeSi2, Fe2Si5, Fe3Si2, Fe5Si3 and so on.It can be obtained by reducing metallic (or nonmetallic) oxides or metallic silicate with silicon in an electric furnace.Metal silicides have been widely used for their excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity and heat transfer.
What are silicides used for?
Silicides for heating elements
Metal silicides as electric heating element is one of its earliest applications.In general, the lower the silicon content in the metal silicide, the higher the melting point, but its oxidation resistance decreases.Therefore, usually choose low melting point but good oxidation resistance of disilicide manufacturing heating element.
Silicides for high temperature oxidation resistant coatings
The significant antioxidant capacity of MoSi2 coatings on molybdenum and their self-healing properties have led to extensive study of a number of other Mesi2-type binary silicides and more complex silicides as antioxidant coatings for all refractory metals and their alloys and graphite materials, including carbon/carbon composites.
Silicides for gate films in integrated circuits
With the improvement of the integration of integrated circuits, refractory metal silicides have been paid more attention because of their low resistivity and high stability.Metallization using TASI2 as integrated circuit gates and interconnections has the unique advantage that TASI2 will not be oxidized in dry oxygen. With the advent of ultrafine granular processes, the need for high temperature stability may be reduced, and other silicides may become useful.

Metal silicides in integrated circuits
1. Titanium silicide TiSi2
2. Cobalt silicide, CoSi2
3. Nickel silicide NISI

The price of silicified powder
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