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 20120924-200554.jpg  Kutis & Luis feeling like kids again on the way to the Boogaloos in Durban South Africa


20120924-200820.jpg    Kids having fun with Luis at the signing.

20120924-200924.jpg   Chris won the game of SKATE and came up on a fresh *AMMO* deck for the prize!

20120924-201059.jpg    Next day we drove to CAPETOWN for a demo at Salesians park with all the locals!

20120924-201252.jpgKickflip back tail the out box for the best trick contest, wow that was amazing!

20120924-201340.jpg    Felix handing over the *AMMO* to the best trick winner with the Kickflip back tail.

20120924-201458.jpg  Moses got the buttery front krooks….so sick.

20120924-201611.jpgThanks to everyone who came out to the Salesians demo, had a blast!

20120924-201717.jpgSpanish Mike is a super star.

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