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How To Choose The Best Monochrome Laser Printer?

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How To Choose The Best Monochrome Laser Printer?
Whether you are a corporate purchaser, entrepreneur, or college student, you will definitely encounter the problem of selecting a printer, especially the selection of the most cost-effective entry-level monochrome laser printer. Some people think that the reputation of the printer is the most important, and some people think that the brand of the printer is more important. Of course, there are many people who are pursuing the cost-effectiveness of the product. Is it really so difficult to buy an entry-level monochrome laser printer?
Entry-level monochrome laser printers, as the highest sales volume in the market and the most in contact with consumers, have always been the battleground for major printing equipment manufacturers and brands. On the other hand, entry-level monochrome laser printing products have a wide audience and high cost-effectiveness. The purchase cost is about 60-170 dollars. The cost of a single sheet is generally within 4 cents. Coupled with the solid and durable printing principle, college students can print graduation thesis. Or startup companies print documents, and even many large companies still use it as the best helper for departmental printing.
Monochrome laser printers are generally used to print non-color image text, documents, reports, etc. They are characterized by fast speed, good quality, cheap price, and low cost. The following six aspects should be considered when purchasing a monochrome laser printer.
Brand is the comprehensive expression of product quality, service, reliability and performance. Choosing the right brand means half success. Well-known brands have been working hard to improve their products for many years. Quality is guaranteed and they reach a high level in all aspects.
2. Service
The quality of service directly affects the use and production efficiency of customers. Good pre-sales service is convenient for customers to buy, good sales service is convenient for customers to use, good after-sales service is convenient for customers to maintain printers.
3. Print splitting rate
Laser printers use DPI (Dots Per Inch) for addressing, that is, there are how many dots per inch. The larger the DPI value, the better the printing effect, the more detailed the printed image, and of course the higher the price. The current laser printers are generally 600DPI, 1200DPI.
4. Printing speed reflects the speed parameter of laser printer is PPM (Page Per Minute), which is the number of pages printed per minute. The larger the PPM value, the faster the printer prints. Of course, the price is higher.
5.Printing interface
The print interface is where the PC processes the files or images to be printed and converts them into a format that the printer can receive. The printer is transmitted via a cable, and the printer prints the image. Printers currently have two types of interfaces, parallel interfaces and USB interfaces. Most of them currently use USB interfaces.
6. Paper size
Now narrow-line laser printers can print A4, B5 size paper, and wide-line laser printers can print A3, B4 size paper. If you need to print a wide range of images and forms, you need to buy an A3 laser printer. For general office and home use, the purchase of an A4 laser printer is sufficient.
Picking the best monochrome laser printer that meets your needs, its excellent performance and affordable price are our primary considerations, and then low use costs and responsible after-sales service. Products must be used with confidence and peace of mind in order to effectively provide our work efficiency.

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