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Bearing again warm, a way to do

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  Manual language: high bearing temperature is a common and dangerous fault of a rotating device, on the way to reduce down the provider existence of the bearing, boom upkeep prices. Whilst the temperature rises quickly, the temperature exceeds the limit, and it'll result in an unplanned unit shutdown or load discount operation, which has a significant effect on financial advantages. Consequently, to quickly decide the cause of the fault and take suitable measures to resolve it is the guarantee of non-stop safe operation of the equipment.
  ·commonplace reasons of immoderate bearing temperature:
  1) insufficient lubrication, inclusive of inadequate or excessive lubrication, lubricating oil fine does now not meet the necessities, deterioration or particles;
  2) inadequate cooling. If the pipeline is blocked, the cooler isn't always correctly decided on, and the cooling effect is susceptible;
  3) strange bearing, which includes bearing harm, inferior bearing meeting technology, taking field clearance adjustment does now not meet the requirements;
  4) sizable vibration, together with the coupling alignment manner, is imperfect and does no longer meet the criteria, rotor dynamic, and static imbalance, bad basis rigidity, virtual basis, rotating stall, and surge.
  ·whilst the bearing temperature is high; we should remedy the problem from the subsequent aspects:
  1) mistaken quantity of oil, too little or too much lubricating grease
  The bearing box will be lubricated frequently as required by way of the work. Bearing after refueling will every now and then seem high temperature, the primary is an excessive amount of refueling. At this point, the temperature maintains to rise. After achieving a specific factor (usually 10℃~15℃ better than the common operating temperature), the temperature will remain unchanged and then steadily decrease.
  2) Grease delivered to the bearing does now not meet the necessities or is contaminated
  The lubricating oil isn't suitable to form a uniform lubricating film, which cannot reduce the friction inner and put on of the bearing. While one of a kind forms of oils and fats are combined, chemical reactions may also arise, ensuing in deterioration and clumping of the oils and reducing the lubrication impact. Grease pollutants may even boom the temperature of the bearing, with a purpose to fall into dust at some point of the grease, including process, ensuing in grease pollution, main to the deterioration of oil within the bearing box to harm the bearing lubrication and increase the temperature.
  Therefore, the right grease must be decided on. All through upkeep, the bearing box, and bearing should be wiped clean, and the oil line needs to be checked and dredge. One of a kind sorts of grease can not be combined. Fats need to be delivered frequently throughout operation and upkeep, and the fat needs to be saved accurately for moisture-evidence and dustproof measures.
  three) not sufficient cooling
  Take a look at whether or not the pipeline is blocked. Check whether the inlet temperature and go backwater temperature exceed the standard. If the cooler isn't always appropriate for selection, weak cooling impact, cannot meet using necessities, need to be a timely substitute or parallel set up of a brand new cooler. The axial fan needs to additionally take a look at the insulation and sealing of the middle tube.
  4) test coupling alignment and bearing after confirming that there's no such trouble
  The search for the coupling is set to satisfy the technical fashionable. The thermal expansion of the system in operation also has to be considered within the timing of axial enthusiasts and hydraulic couplers. Because of the development of the impeller facet of the induced fan, the bearing box rises; at some point in the operation of the hydraulic coupler, the temperature will increase, the bearing field expands, and the bearing increases. Therefore, the timing motor has to be higher. The size of the reserved amount must be decided according to the characteristics of the gadget and the temperature parameters in operation.
  ·Bearing inspection particularly consists of subsequent factors:
  1) Bearing great
  At some stage in the method of disassembling the bearing box, first of all, take a look at whether the lubricating grease is rancid, caking, impurities, etc., which is an important basis for judging the purpose of bearing damage. Secondly, take a look at whether or not the bearing is bitten and worn. Test the surface end of the inner and outer ring of the bearing, the rolling body, and the retainer, in addition to the defects such as crack, rust, peeling, pitting, and overheat discoloration. And measure whether the clearance of the bearing exceeds the standard; take a look at whether or not there may be wear, pit factor, peeling if the state of affairs ought to be replaced with new bearings.
  2) Bearing coordination
  It's miles essential to healthy the inner diameter with the shaft, the outer diameter with the housing while the bearing is mounted. If creep happens, it will harm the wear surface, the pole or the house, and the wear and tear powder will invade the internal of the bearing, causing warmth, vibration, and damage. If the interference is just too massive, the outer diameter of the outer ring turns into smaller, or the inner diameter of the internal circle will become greater ample, decreasing the inner clearance of the bearing. To choose an appropriate suit for the cause, it is vital to don't forget the homes of bearing load, size, temperature conditions, the rotation of the inner and outer earrings of diverse sicknesses.
  three) regulate the matching clearance of wearing components
  If the lager left is simply too small, the excessive lack of shear and friction of grease in the elimination will even cause the bearing heating. On the identical time, if the consent is too small, the quantity of oil will decrease, in an effort to not cast off the warmth generated by using friction and could similarly increase the temperature rise of the bearing. However, if the clearance is just too large, it'll trade the dynamic characteristics of the bearing and the rotor operation will be unstable. Consequently, it's far vital to pick out and verify the bearing clearance for distinct equipment and provider situations.

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