Another LA day

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Woke up, G0t a text from Jeremy Adams
saying “Whats The Plan?” so i told him to get
breakfast and then come swoop because i still
had to blog and do emails, then 20 minutes go by
and says “hey lets go i got Theotis in the car!
so i was like word i got dressed, then out day started….
Met up with Chad Fernandez, Matt Williams, Billyroper, and Yuto!
you know it was a fun day….good
way to start Halloween Weekend muahahahaha

I dont know if guys seen this Mag Minute but
the Homie Matt Gottwig got it in! Mag minutes are
supposed to be 1 minute but matt snuck in 3!
Look up at the photo above…Yupp he ollied into that,
youll see soon enough….5 Dolla Richer haha

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