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Oh Hey What’s Up Man, sorry for the lack of posts lately. For the last nine days I was in Seoul, South Korea. I went to visit my brother Harold Soto that’s there teaching English to younger kids. I couldn’t help but to learn the transportation system and skate three out of the nine days. Here’s a quick recap of one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on! – Harvey Soto

This was the most incredible spot I’ve ever skated. Lines for days with no kick outs. A local skateboarder told me that Brandon Biebel had done a nollie nosegrind on one of the ledges around the corner. I was lucky enough to skate this spot twice!

 Over the course of the trip I visited my brother’s church there and met a really cool skateboarder named Ralph Yun (Instagram – RalphYun805). Shout out to Ralph! Nah mean? Haha! Thanks to him I got to learn the subway system, skate in the city for a whole day, and even got some great Korean food. You’re the man Ralph!

Walking around Downtown Seoul, South Korea with my family we ran into a group of skaters filming at a nice stairset. I don’t know if they can see this, but if they can… shout out to you guys! Thanks for letting me skate with you!

Warming up with a backside shifty. This was a perfect stairset!

 I then got to skate the chain they were filming tricks over!

Shout out to this guy right here. He was the one that told me about this ledge spot down the street from the stairs. Thanks!

I got to talk to the group about skateboarding and how South Korea responds to it. Basically the security guards won’t really kick you out!

Here’s a sick picture that was taken while I was doing a halfcab noseslide 270 out!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day. It shows me doing a nollie noseblunt while allowing you to see what the spot looks like!

Shout out to this whole group of skateboarders in Seoul, South Korea. They were all super nice and I had a great time skating with them. I don’t have any contact with them so if any of you see this, thanks!

This is a picture I posted on Instagram (@HarveySoto) of the sickest skatepark I’ve ever skated. It was actually a city plaza located at Euljiro 4-ga that the city had made completely skateable. There were boxes, rails, and everything had angle iron on it. If not that, it was marble haha!

This is a picture I took at one of the skateparks. It shows my sticker with a glimpse of the city’s buildings. South Korea was a great experience and the people I met made it that much better. Thanks! #ohheywhatsupman

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