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Tip Tuesday: “Table & A Dream”

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This might sound crazy but I realized this after I shot this photo. The term Table and a Dream came from this beautiful background of the hollywood sign and this amazing panic table, speaking for many skaters out there who aren’t from California can relate. The first thing that comes into your head being a skater when someone mentions california you think of picnic tables or butter benches. This picture says so much being a skater and moving to california and making a dream a reality. Many skaters skate and become actors or comedians or even musicians but the first love and passion is there skateboard. I will never forget the day I pick up my skateboard and took my first push that would guide me to all of my dreams. – S.M.


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Spanish Mike TV from Spanish Mike will be back on air very soon! As a long time friend of Mike, it’s great to see him back to doing what he started out doing. He always had the passion to film no matter how long a trick took. He’s got a great attitude, always pumping people up. Check out this show hype photo showing: Paul Rodriguez (Top Left), the Spanish Mike TV shirt (Top Right), Daryl Angel (Bottom Left), and Manny Santiago/Paul Rodriguez (Bottom Right). Make sure to stay on the lookout! – Harvey Soto

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This week’s Tip Tuesday word is “ADOPT”. It’s insane how skateboarding brings you to the places you never thought you would be at or even meet the skaters you dreamed about skating with. I would of never thought I would be chilling at a little caesars in LA with one of my favorite skaters and watching the newest little addition to the crew Jonny be there and hanging out with us, talking about skate tricks and new skate videos dropping. I remember those days and will remember these days because I was once that little kid and being adopted to a circle of great people is a true blessing. – S.M.



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I just realized what I wanted for Christmas. I never knew it would of came sooner then later. I dreamed about it since I was a little kid and now all of my christmas gifts came true. I traveled the world, Met pros and filmers I looked up too since I was little who are now my friends. I have my own desk and computer to edit my visions into a reality. I live, breath, and eat skateboarding. This would of never been possible if wasn’t for Manny taking me under his wing and believing in my vision. This year has been christmas for me and I am super thankful for it everyday. If you can take this moment and be thankful for those around you then some gifts under the tree and realize your real gifts are what’s front of you. – S.M.


Tip Tuesdays: “WISH”

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This week’s Tip Tuesdays is something we all do on a daily basis when there is something we all want in life. My “WISH” came true after turning 21 and celebrating it out west. The fact that I pick up left without thinking twice was not only part of wishing it but was a goal of mine for years. I think your dreams are bigger then the world is if you don’t give up. – S.M.


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This week’s Tip Tuesday is about the word “THINK”. What is the first thing that comes to your head when someone say’s think. Think about going here, think about doing this, or even think about living your dreams. The crazy thing about that is, I have been dreaming and thinking about it. This photo is the balcony from the hotel i stayed in vegas. This photo shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. So next time when you think, just think of the best and never hope for the worst. – S.M.

“One Dream Later”

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This post truly means a lot to me. It’s my birthday and i am 21 but its just more than a number. This number, date is a whole year since i thought of making the move to california and following through with my dream. The craziest thing about turning 21 is all the freedom you get that could easily be taken away with one stupid move. The thing about being 21 and making your dreams into a reality are kinda nuts, others may doubt you for what you want to do in life but that should not stop you for making the decisions thats going to change your life. Theres 21 year olds with families, working at jobs they didn’t intend on working at, going to college and figuring out this is not what i wanted to do. You are young once live it while you can. – S.M