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Live & Learn Episode 7: Street League Pro Open

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LIVE AND LEARN EPISODE 7 brings us to STREET LEAGUE with Manny Santiago and manny more!

First Manny hits the smoothie shop with his crew to start the day, then they go to the POWERHOUSE concert to see whats happening south of L.A.

Manny almost loses his car because he leaves it running in the parking lot by accident.

Then the crew rolls to Street League practice at the 6th and Mill NIKE park. The day ends with everyone skating the park and Manny has a sick session with Luan Oliveira, Ishod Wair, Shane O’neill and more! Wepa!

Woodward Pro Counselor – Manny Santiago – Woodward, PA

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Manny Santiago drops the Woodward Pro life & lives with the campers to get the full “Woodward Experience.” Waking up with the kids, hitting instruction, being on time for all of the recreational activities was quite rewarding for his fellow campers but we think Manny’s experience was just as profound. Click Play & watch as Manny reflects on living the life of a cabin counselor at camp.

365 With Manny Santiago

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In our inaugural episode of 365, we follow professional skateboarder Manny Santiago. Manny explains how he first started skateboarding, to then winning his first contest and preparing to face all the challenges ahead.
Manny’s talent on and off the skateboard describe how genuine of a person he is. This segment is merely a small glimpse of his commitment to his passion of riding a skateboard.

Filmed/edited by Spanish Mike