FTV: Felix & Manny Hit Mexico City

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FTV jumped on tour with Famous Family members Manny SantiagoFelix to check out their *AMMO* skateboards demo in Mexico City DF. Everywhere we go, the Family shows up & Mexico was no different. Shout out to all the kids repping Famous in Mexico City. Javier Nunez & Deigo Najera for the guest tricks, Mexico we will see you soon FAMILIA! Follow @Mannyslaysall, @Onefelix, & @IwantMyFTV for more daily action!

AMMO Introduces Diego “SDiego” Najera

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In just a few months, 18 year old Diego Najera has produced a video part that will go down in the history books as one of the best parts of 2013. Born in El Centro, east of San Deigo, he has been skateboarding most of his life & it shows through his effortless style & dominance of his skateboard. *AMMO* proudly introduces SDiego to the *TROOP* on this #CINCODEMAYO… VIVA MEXICO! Make sure to send him a message to @SDiegoNajera on Twitter or Instagram!


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20130504-213430.jpgSetting up some new BLISS wheels & ANDALE bearings before the session!

20130504-213627.jpgShowed up to the Zarape Shop and there was so many kids waiting for the signing/video premier.

20130504-214037.jpgThese two kids showed up at 6am to wait in line for the signing, so wild!

20130504-214649.jpgEveryone was super hyped on Diego’s welcome to *AMMO* “Cinco De Mayo” part.

20130504-214803.jpgJonny rolled his ankle jumping down some big ass stairs today, he’s out for the rest of the trip. :-/

20130504-214918.jpgyupp Javier Nuñez getting switch on this Hubba, *AMMO* In Mexico video coming soon…

20130504-215021.jpgDiego is a beast!

20130504-215106.jpgThanks to Mario Saenz for hooking up the trip!