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The Key Method of Bearing Configuration in Motor

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In the motor, the bearing is the critical component to support its regular operation. But different motor design and configuration, different speed requirements, will directly lead to the selection of various bearings. Generally, motors can be divided into vertical motors and horizontal motors according to the structure design.

Configuration of bearing in the vertical motor

In general, vertical motors are mostly used to drive cylindrical belt pumps. Since multistage tubular belt pumps have instantaneous upward axial force when starting, plus the transportation requirements, and to eliminate the damage caused by the thermal expansion of the rotor to the bearings, vertical cylindrical belt pump motors (both 2-pole or 4-pole), the upper bearings of the engines should be two pairs of single row radial thrust ball bearings and the lower shaft It is still advisable to select light series bearing. To prevent the damage of the thrust ball bearing, two pairs of bearings should have a pre-added axial force on the bearing shell. The magnitude of the force ensures that the bearing will not be damaged due to the opposite axial force from the shaft extension end to the unload end during transportation and starting.

Arrangement of bearings in horizontal motors

Many enterprises only use two ball bearings; at this time, it is easy to have short bearing life, easy to heat phenomenon. Therefore, a ball bearing and a column bearing should be used as far as possible at both ends of the horizontal motor. To solve the problem of extreme speed heating and noise after replacing the ball bearing with the cylindrical bearing, the light series cylindrical bearing can be used and placed on the outer fan end. The cooling condition is good, and the fan noise can also submerge the bearing noise. If the 2-pole motor with more significant power adopts a larger bearing model and the light series column bearing is also unable to meet the requirements of limit speed, the bearing grease can also be changed to thin oil.
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