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Sudden Accident At Chemical Plant In South Korea Causes 730,000 Tons Of Ethylene Glycol Cap

wallpapers Business 2020-03-05
On the morning of March 4, an explosion of an ethylene cracker at Lotte Chemical in Chungnam, South Korea. According to report, at least 31 people have been injured in the accident. The company has closed related facilities. The situation is now under control. The company is investigating the cause and exact loss of the accident. The explosion-related capacity includes 1.1 million tons of ethylene capacity, 550,000 tons of propylene capacity, 190,000 tons of butadiene, 577,000 tons of styrene, and 730,000 tons of MEG. It is reported that the current total size of South Korea's ethylene glycol equipment is 1.65 million tons. The sudden accident at South Korea's Lotte Chemical Plant caused a loss of 730,000 tons of South Korean ethylene glycol capacity, accounting for 44.24% of South Korea's total capacity.
It is reported that South Korea's imports accounted for 5.44% last year. Ranked fifth as a non-major importer of ethylene glycol. South Korea's ethylene glycol imports in March were 37,600 tons, accounting for 5.3% of the total imports. Therefore, the incident has a small impact on the domestic market, but it can still ease some port inventory pressure.

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