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Analysis of the Causes of the Rapid Development of Cambodia's Westport

wallpapers Business 2020-02-25

The "New Tiger of Asia's Economy"-Cambodia has become the "most worthy country for investment" in the eyes of everyone. Become one of the most investing cities in the world!
As the only administrative exclusive zone in Cambodia, the Westport, which will exist in the future ASEAN financial center, is driven by China's "One Belt, One Road" strategy, and its development since 2016 has ushered in many positive benefits.

1 Westport-the only seascape resort in Cambodia

As the only seascape resort in Cambodia, Westport is renowned internationally for its unspoiled coastline, milk powder beaches, and glass seawater. Selected by the United Nations as "the world's whitest beach" and selected by the United States "National Geographic" magazine as "the first beach in the world".

Among the "52 most worthwhile tourist attractions" announced by the New York Times in 2018, Westport Beach ranked 13th.

Westport is not only the most beautiful beach travel destination, but also the only deep-sea free trade port in Cambodia, the single large exclusive economic zone, the only prosperous gaming and entertainment paradise, and the only petroleum refinery site. It is the country's leading source of wealth.

The development of Westport benefits from the support of the "Belt and Road" policy. Westport is accelerating the pace of transformation! More and more Chinese cities have opened direct flights to Westport, and the first phase of the expansion of Westport's new airport is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Westport development and construction of the Deepwater Port, Phnom Penh to Westport Expressway started.

 With the emergence of many benefits, Westport is entering the fast track of development.

2 Westport-the only exclusive economic zone in Cambodia

Westport is the only exclusive economic zone in Cambodia. Its status and status are the same as the former "Shenzhen." At the same time, Westport is also Cambodia's most significant international deep-water port terminal, with cargo throughput accounting for more than 90% of the countries. It is a vital hub for Cambodia's trade with other countries. It has enormous development potential and will attract more Chinese companies to invest. Precious offshore oil resources, the reserve value is equivalent to 1/2 of Dubai's oil reserves.
The rapid development of tourism in Cambodia, especially in Westport. So far, the influx of people to 
Westport will drive the subsequent growth of various food, clothing, and transportation activities. Talented people from all over the world have invested in real estate in Westport and vigorously developed the construction industry. After all, the priority of people is to solve the residence problem  , which has dramatically accelerated the rapid development of the construction industry in Westport. At the end of 2019, there were preliminary statistics of 120 projects under construction in Westport, with a total of about 70 hotels, equivalent to 4,000 rooms. Westport is expected to receive about 2 million international tourists in 2030, so the housing market in Westport will be very scarce.
People from all over the world flocked to Westport, bringing the latest technology and architectural concepts here, such as prefabricated buildings and new 3D printed modular buildings that are in full swing around the world. At the same time, it is also vigorously cellular lightweight concrete blocks,panels and bricks in China to serve prefabricated buildings.

It can be seen from the above that the future of Sihanoukville's trade will be more active. After the completion of the Karatia Gorge Canal, the goods will pass through Cambodia without going through Singapore, and it will be very convenient to transport from Cambodia to the international market. It is an indisputable fact that when investing in Cambodia, the first choice is Westport.

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