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Why is my MacBook Pro overheating?

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Why is my MacBook Pro overheating?
There are several different reasons why your MacBook Pro can overheat.
1. The first thing to note is the age of your Mac.
The older the Mac gets, the more its fans have to work hard to keep everything cool. If age is the cause of overheating, you may have to buy a new machine in the near future.
2. Runaway apps
If you've been using a Mac for a while, you've probably installed a lot of different apps.
Usually this is fine, but if you install an application that is CPU demanding, or perhaps a third-party application is stuck in a loop, it can cause your computer to heat up quickly.
If you run several of these demanding apps at the same time or open multiple apps without knowing it, your Mac can get hot quickly.
3. Place the surface of the MacBook
I know it's Mac's name, but just because it's called a laptop doesn't mean a circle is the best place to put a MacBook Pro.
Soft surfaces, like your knees, bed, blankets and even carpet on the floor, maybe comfortable, but they can also cause your Mac to heat up. This is basically due to poor airflow when you place your computer on a softer surface and the need for proper airflow to help keep it cool.
4. Computer sockets or vents can be dirty
Your MacBook Pro has vents, LIDS and other openings from the outside to the inside that can get dirty and cause overheating.
It's normal for your Mac to collect dust and grime over time, but most people don't know how to clean it up. Built-in vents are crucial to keeping your computer cool, and if they get dirty or blocked, your MacBook can easily start heating up.
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