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What is the cause of damage to the rolling bearing cage?

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What is the cause of damage to the rolling bearing cage?
Rolling mill bearings are commonly used in rolling mills. Rolling mill bearings are easily damaged due to a harsh environment. Cage is an important part of rolling mill bearing, which plays an important role in the use and good operation of bearing. Careless operation or improper use of tools may damage the retainer. Cages are usually made of materials such as mild steel, bronze, or brass. Due to improper operation or installation, it is easy to be damaged, resulting in premature use of rolling mill bearings.
Today, FV Bearings will analyze whether the rupture of the rolling bearing cage is caused by environmental and operating conditions.
1. Cage deformation due to improper installation or drop of rolling bearings. The cage is squeezed during the installation of rolling mill bearings.
2. The tapered roller was squeezed into an askew shape. The reason is that the cage is squeezed during installation, or other components interfere in operation.
3. Improper operation during maintenance leads to bending of the beam on the cylindrical roller bearing retainer.
4. Serious improper operation will lead to the deep indentation on the spherical roller bearing retaining frame. This damage will lead to poor roll performance, slip, temperature rise, shorten the service life.
As long as the cause of cage damage is known in advance, it can be avoided in the test process and prolong the service life of rolling mill bearings.
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