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Nachi ball screw support bearing

wallpapers Low Carbon 2021-05-11
Nachi ball screw support bearing is suitable for ultra precision feed mechanism with better performance and new design
High precision and high rigidity ball screw support bearing
Nachi ball screw support bearing can meet the needs of high precision and high speed in the new era. It can support all kinds of "ball screw" in precision machining machine tools, precision measuring equipment, robots and other precision feed transmission mechanisms. It is a kind of high precision and high performance bearing.
1. High axial rigidity
Compared with the traditional angular contact ball bearing, the tree head cage is used to load more steel balls and improve the rigidity.
2. Energy saving
It has excellent performance of low starting power and low rotating force, realizing energy saving.
3. Easy to assemble
The preload adjustment has been carried out, so there is no need for complex adjustment operation in mechanical installation, which can reduce man hours.
4. Simple and compact
According to the antennae, it is 60 ". It can bear the single direction load and the strange direction load at the same time. Therefore, the design of the matching part of the shoe bearing can be simple and compact.
5. High bearing capacity and low noise design
Large diameter steel ball is used in the design to improve the teaching ability, and nylon cage is used to reduce the noise.
With contact and non-contact sealing ring products, to achieve a series of products
1. The type of sealing ring can be selected according to the application
The company has excellent sealing performance of contact seal type and can reduce the torque loss, reduce the temperature of non-contact seal pattern products. The user can choose the right seal ring type according to the purpose.
2. Sealed with grease
The high-performance lubricating feet are pre sealed, Shanghai New kuilai Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. and new kuilai Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., so it is not necessary to seal the lubricating grease during installation. It can reduce working hours.
3. Interchangeable with open
The main dimensions are the same as the current open type bearings
In addition, there are also general assembly bearings
It can be assembled freely
The company also has a general assembly type bearing (type). It can be used for DF. OE. D or more than 3 columns
And so on. In addition to the general assembly type bearings. The width deviation of inner and outer drawing is strictly controlled
Poor double row matched bearing (IDU type).
The bearing retainer is made of resin. Compared with the previous angular contact ball bearings, more steel balls are put in and the stiffness is improved
It has the advantages of low starting torque and low rotating torque, and can effectively save energy
In order to adjust the preload, it is easy to assemble on the machine
The contact seal with excellent sealing performance and non-contact seal with low torque loss and low temperature rise are available
Sealed with grease, no maintenance required

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