2012 July

TIP TUESDAY: “Jonny5Skate”

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This week’s Tip Tuesday goes out too Jonny Hernandez who has been one of the most youngest dedicated skaters I ever work with in these last few months. I see the drive and potential he has for a 12 year old. I know that all of you will be hearing his name in the many years to come. Be on the look out for his first ever video part to drop in a couple of months. – S.M.


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While in Puerto Rico to judge the “Fejah Cash Money Cup” skate contest we filmed a “Slay Sunday” at the Cabo Rojo Skate Park.

Skaters: Fico Rodriguez, Rio Batan, Jamie Baeza, Roberto Santana, Yariel Melendez, & Manny Santiago

Filmed By: Fico Rodriguez & Arnaldo