2012 June

“Where The Vox Are We” Rotterdam, Holland

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1984 Rotterdam Architecture

Jordan Hoffart – Leaving to go up to Rotterdam

Darren Miller – Endless hours of filming

Rod Stewart of Rotterdam

Tim Zom – Rotterdam Local, He’s the sickest!

Josh Hawkins – This is the warehouse that we stayed at!

Cody McentireBs. Tail (It was the last photo I had on the roll, Sorry for the eh shot ha)

So it’s our last day in Germany and we all eating at this buffet talking about our plans of our next destination Amsterdam, apparently no one knows who is picking us up. We give a call to the Vox team manger back in the US to figure it all out. He gives us the news the distribution dropped our section of the tour and no one told us this, till the day before we left Germany.

Luckily a distribution in Rotterdam hooked us up big time and gave us a warehouse to sleep at (Thanks Mike, Alex & Adriaan). Mike took us around the towns and we got to meet up with a ton of locals, one of them being Tim Zom If you haven’t heard of him, check out the video below. I never heard of him till this trip and he’s the fucking man & Rips it up.

Check out Fluff Magazine, Marcel Veldman runs it, He held it down the whole time in Holland. Thanks so much for being the dude!

I also gotta give a shout out to:

Mike (For taking us under his wing!), Sebastian (Shredding!), Alex (Thanks for the room space), Stephan (for the camera talk), Adriaan Burger (Thanks for the room space / I’m getting my pilots license hopefully someday dude!)

Tim Zom Thrasher Part

See y’all next year! Were planning a moped trip! (Alex lets do this!!!)

“Where The Vox Are We” Europe

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Downtown Bayonne, France

Classic Bayonne

1 Night stand for the night rider

Bayonne, Spain Skate shop – Identy

Madrid Saw ya kabobs dude

Jordan Hoffart 5050

North Brigade Skatepark Jordan Hoffart

Later Koln Germany

Bayonne, France: A older looking city with waterways tangling throughout town, shutter windows on every building giving off a classic vibe. We didn’t get to skate anything in the down town but we did stop by Identy skate shop for a signing. It seemed like a ton of kids were stoked on the skate scene. At night Darren & I explored the downtown to shoot some photos and kick around town, I brought my bike to enjoy a cruise. Everyone was out n’ about enjoying the bars surrounding the canals. All of a sudden I heard a weird clicking noise and my back tired locked up. I looked down and the cog was stripped and the gear system was bent it. It was a wrap for the night rider for the trip.

Madrid – Spain: We took a 4 hour drive from Bordeaux, France south to hit Madrid. We showed up to amazing skatepark with kids shredding. It was filled with everything & flowed super good, Check out the Video posted below to see some of the demo, they also posted a page with all the photos from the demo click here. Thanks Welcome skate shop for having us! This place is worth visiting again, filled with amazing food and awesome people. It seemed like we only saw 1/4 of the city, It was filled with spots.

Koln (Cologne), Germany: A city that got rebuilt around the 1960’s. This place is packed with people, there’s actually more people biking around then cars on the road. We stayed at a awesome Hostel / Bar that was skater owned, If you end up visiting make sure you get in touch with this guys. We had a demo on the outer skirts of town at North Brigade Skatepark, It’s was a awesome turn out, thanks for having us, it was a wicked time.

Dave Bachinsky

Madrid, Spain: Welcome Skate Shop Demo 

“Where The Vox Are We” – Portugal

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Vox Portugal Crew

Josh Hawkins

Arrival to Green Side, The Bowl is to the left

Remato Aires Lives it up & Rips

The Hommie John

Josh Hawkins Fs. Cruisen (Abandon Pizza Factory)

5 o’clock somewhere

Carlos & Josh 2 hours of relaxing then go shred!

2 days before the trip, I’m sitting around with Darren Miller an Cody Mcentire and were going back an forth about our trip details, I throw out “I would love to change my ticket after the trip and enjoy a week in Portugal.” These guys started cracken up… I didn’t know we were going. I’m so stoked we got a taste of a cobblestone European version of Lowell / San Francisco looking city. When you arrive in Lisboa it’s tiled stones throughout the skinny streets, trolleys are going up an down hills, colorful houses everywhere & to top it off theres a giant red bridge leaving the city. It’s a amazing place I wish we had more time.

After visiting Lisboa for a day we drove 5 hours north to a town called Viana De Casetlo. At 3am we arrived at our destination, seeing a old military ship next to us. They explain it’s a hotel inside the ship, I’m pretty stoked to hear this. George Montremo “The Photographer” went to go check out the room situation, while we’re still getting our lazy asses out of the car, I look up and read a sign “Viana Medical Center”. After some laughs about “this could be the sketchiest place to ever sleep”, George comes back to tell us theres no rooms. Everything worked out perfect seeing there was a hostel right up the road.

The next morning we grabbed some amazing coffee and went to go check out some spots, There was some amazing stuff but the businesses would kick you out instantly during the week. The local friend Ciso told us he had a bowl in the works right outta town, We were so stoked to check out a DIY spot. The photo above with the tractor driver is right when we pulled up to his house. On the other side of the wall was a 5 ft. bowl with a little corner pocket, rows of grape vines dangling down, & epic country side views. It was a amazing time, Thanks Ciso so much for the rad time and the homemade bottle of wine! So stoked we got to meet up and cruise.

Dave Bachinsky

I gotta give a shout to the Vox Portugal Crew for making our trip amazing!

Carlos Viegas, Tiago Acores, Remato Aires, Gorje Montremo, Joåo Sales, Ciso, The hommie John & Ricardo Fonseca

Thanks Dudes!

Check out Ricardo Fonseca’s part in the Cliché video!

Update 6/27/12

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“Where The Vox Are We” Europe

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This post is for Pat Donfro:

I’ve been traveling for the last 2 months, using a camera where ever I go skateboarding. This Europe trip, I just bought my first film camera, I didn’t know if a single roll of film was gonna develop properly. When I got back to Los Angeles, I realized that each little mission to get each photo was the hype for me. Just a quick click. “Maybe it will come out..” anyhow Pat hooked me up with his camera for my cross country trip “Where The Vox Are” trip in (America),  Since then I’ve been trying to shoot as much as I can. Thanks dude for making me look at whats around me more / burning holes in my pocket!     Shape DEUCE!

We did a skate park demo in Ericeira, Portugal across from the park was a beach with amazing cliff views. I ventured around the rocks & talked to this guy for a bit.. “no luck yet” he replied but hopefully he caught himself a ol’ sucker’

2. Walking around Rotterdam, Holland on a rainy day with everyone, I saw this guy breaming a oldie from 1901. While everyone was walking away, I had to go back and get a quick shot.

3. We just got off a 2 hour train ride in Rotterdam, Holland. We were sitting around drinking coffee waiting for our ride.I looked up and saw her sitting there, I had to run over and ask for a picture..

4. After a full day skating and a demo, we went to a buffet, these guys were next door at a bar enjoying there evening.

5. Portugal Hommie John, seu cão!

6. Madrid, Spain stuck at a stop light, I stuck my head out the window, “Cool if I shoot a photo”..  snook a smile