2012 April


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This Nike SB commercial might be a little old but for some reason every time I watch it makes me feel like its friday. I think everyone should be out skating with their friends and enjoy today because it is a good day. – S.M.

CCS HYPE: Behind The Cover

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CCS recently brought hip-hop megastar Lil Wayne together with Torey Pudwill, Theotis Beasley, Shane O’Neill and Paul Rodriguez for a historic pairing of skateboarding and hip-hop for the May issue magalog cover. It ended up being much more than just a photo shoot as Weezy and the crew literally skated deep into the early morning hours at P-Rod’s private park. If there’s one thing for sure it’s that Lil Wayne is definitely down for the ride—the man hardly ever put his board down. Check out the Behind The Cover video and photos to see what else happened during this most memorable of CCS covers shoots.

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So I was approached by my good friend Manny Santiago to start giving some input on the site , Manny being my boy I immediately said yes. So this is my first blog post of many and what better way to start it off than by showing you a normal day out skating and filming. – SD_ROD

Setting up a freshy for Jonny then we hitting the streets.
We made it, everyone is hyped to get some clips. Its funny I always thought this spot was small but its pretty massive inperson.
I’ve only met Jonny a few times we’re are still getting to know each other but its crazy how much he reminds me of myself when i was lil, running on nothing but candy and sports drinks. Well now that we’re refueled we’re off to the next spot! 
We arrive at this rail in Glendale I’ve seen in a lot of video parts its not a very intimidating rail but you definitely need skill to manuever it. Its not your ideal rail its small but very steep manny here trying to in part his wisdom to the young ripper.
I still remember the sense of accomplishment that came over me when I rolled away from my first hand rail so I felt like I was right there with Jonny as he rolled away from his. This a was a great day and Im hyped that I was able to be apart it.
After battling it out in the streets there is only one thing left to do, hit IN N OUT! Breaking bread with one another and discussing future street carnage. God I LOVE SKATING!


CCS HYPE: Get Set Up With Paul Rodriguez

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Sit down with Paul Rodriguez and get set up like pro as he discusses his most current set up with CCS. See what size Plan B board he’s recently upgraded to, check out his wheel choice, his new signature trucks from Venture, his Grizzly grip tape and unique bolt arrangements.

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Check out Chaz Ortiz‘s Remote Viewing from The Berrics at his Training Facility. It’s crazy to see him do brand new tricks in every video. Not only the tricks, but his style is amazing. I guess that’s why his Twitter name has Steez in it.  – Harvey Soto

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