2012 April


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Its a typical sunday for LIL Shmatty and Yuto Jkwon Sunday!

Its a cool site to see legends and up incomers stand shoulder to shoulder, everyone is equal at LA'S LOVE PARK, an unspoken sense of respect for all skaters. The Yorkatron waits for his shot, Lui Elliot (IN THE BLUE) can't wait to get another proper back nose blunt! GETTEM LUI!

There is something for everyone here at "LA'S LOVE PARK" . After getting your line or single ledge trick, you can go for banger on the rail, Kurtis Colomonico getting buck! Manny getting second angles from the tree top, and Jonny building up his hype to get in on the sesh!

Josh Kalis and Sammy Baptista rappin about life, and what Rodrigo Tx just busted on the ledge, no spoilers your gonna have to wait for the DGk vid drop for that one guys! Lui Elliot going for it in the background told you he had proper Back Nose Blunts..

As if filming a countless lines and a hand full of single bangers today wasn't enough Spanish Mike shows his true work ethic here, by snagging a quick interview with Josh Kalis. keep doing what your doing Mike! Time to get chubby at Free Birds at head home!

 I hope you guys enjoyed the sesh, and can make it to the next one, if you see us don’t be shy come say HI!



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Everyone has their local shop; their local hometown heroes, those guys as a kid you saw skating around town. You would quietly whisper to your friend, “Yo that’s so-and-so.” Watch in anticipation of their next-level maneuvers. Well, these guys were “IT” on the San Diego scene, with a roster that can only be compared to the Yankees. STREET MACHINE, produced the most pro’s out of any shop. Names like Jimmy Carlin, Kellen James, Larelle Gray, Petey Martinez, Lenny Rivas, and not to mention a very-young ripper named Nick Tucker. It was almost as if they were all given this blue print for success. I hope you enjoy this video, please excuse the nostalgia, it’s one of my favorites!



MSA BACK2BACK: Jkwon Plaza

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There’s nothing like getting someone’s back when you land a trick. This weekend, we were at Jkwon Plaza, the new Love Park, but in Cali. I caught Little Lui doing a dope ollie, so I backed him up with a kickflip back 50-50 front 180 out. As I looked back, Josh Kalis did a kick flip back nose blunt fakie to back me up! I couldn’t believe it. I grew up looking up to Josh’s skating so this was an honor and a memory I will never forget. This is the first “MSA BACK2BACK“.

Filmed By: Spanish Mike

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So today is one of those days, at least for me, where you wake up and you have a lot on your plate, but you need a lil’ EXTRA motivation. Needless to say I wasn’t feeling it today, so as most of you, like me, are addicted to social media, so that’s the first thing you check. So I woke up, had my usual breakfast smoothie, and checked my news feed. I saw this “mash up” KANYE WEST VS THE XX so I decided to take a listen, and before I knew it I had that extra pep in my step and I was ready to take on the day. I hope this helps to get your day going in the right direction. – SD_ROD