2012 March


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This week’s Tip Tuesday choice of word is “Future”. It’s amazing to see how skateboarding is being captured nowadays with these high tech HD cameras. These are my 2 little babies out in the streets capturing moments that can never be replaced. I am truly thankful for skateboarding and what he has given me. There will never be any other feeling that can compare to what I do. – S.M.

“Follow your dreams”


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I heard this “Stay Schemin’ ” track a while back and it got me thinking about remixing the *AMMO* promo. I thought people might like to see each skaters footage together, so I took the lead and made it happen. It is kinda funny how we each have similarities to the verses we each skate to, and the overall hook on the song…I mean Manny did “Drake” the skate industry last year…HaHaHa… If you like hip hop push play…If not, remix your own edit…JK…Thanks Manny Santiago (Mannyslaysall) for the help on the edit… Hit me on twitter let me know what you think @ONEFELIX hope you Enjoy!

Music Monday: “HOME”

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This week’s Music Monday goes out to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with there song “Home”. I feel this vibe of season changing when I here this for some reason. You may listen to a song that can make you feel a certain way and it wouldn’t matter what day it is. Music has feelings just like people do find your way home when you listen to your choice of music. – S.M.


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Every time I see red and gold bells I think of Christmas, this day felt like Christmas! Steven was getting clips like you get presents under a tree, Bell focused 3 Shuv in the projects of Lowell, Ma.