2012 March


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Nothing worst than doing a trick and loosing the footage, Felix had done this trick perfect a year ago. He took advantage of being in MIAMI to go back and re do the trick which we all know is hard to do, but it didn’t stop him! Thanks FIU for letting us skate haha enjoy this weeks Photo Friday.

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Throwback Thursday: Eric Koston

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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes to Eric Koston for his part in the Girl “Yeah Right” video. This is a part I watched over and over again singing “I wanna live in Los Angeles”… haha. Eric has always been my favorite skateboarder and it was great to see him at Tampa Pro 2012. – Harvey Soto

ETNIES HYPE: Ryan Sheckler’s 6th Pro Model Shoe

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Here’s the commercial for Ryan Sheckler‘s new pro model shoe from Etnies called the Sheckler 6. The commercial is titled “Where You Gonna Go” and shows how well-rounded Sheckler is as a skater. The way he skates any obstacle with such ease is incredible. Check out his new pro model shoe and I can’t wait to see the Plan B video. – Harvey Soto

Throwback Thursday: Torey Pudwill

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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to our homie Torey Pudwill in Jereme Rogers neighborhood. This was one of those video parts that was on repeat, and his tricks were slow mode and didn’t take the dvd out of the player for over a month. I knew Torey was a beast since shorty’s how to go pro and when this drop it just made me realize that he was  just going to progress and become a household name. – S.M.