2012 February


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This week’s Tip Tuesday is going to be “CONCEPT”. As a filmer you surround yourself with other filmers to become better and better everyday. A few weekends back we were all skating jkwon and while being their I ran into one of my favorite filmers and homie Dario Rezk. I was looking over the clip he got their and understanding his concept about the way he films lines. – S.M.


Where The Vox are We

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The Last part of the “Where the VOX are we?” road trip. We went some amazing places and saw some amazing things during our adventure across the great wide open spaces, Including some of the best ditches I’ve ever seen. Somehow we made it to SF to catch out flights back to the east coast with time to spare.

Featuring : Dave Bachinsky , Cody McEntire , Matt Fenell , Daniel Machon, Josh

Filmed and Edited by Elliott Vecchia

Big thanks to Josh@cowtown in Phoenix and Daniel Machon!


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20120224-131007.jpg You know how there’s always those little kids in your town who are good and jut keep progressing?!….Steven Catizone was always one of those kids, I left town for awhile like normal except this time when i came back little Steven wasn’t so little anymore and also got so good at skating. Hyped I got skate Boston with him other day and watched him shred, Enjoy this weeks Photo Friday.

Ollie_Boston, Ma

Throwback Thursday: Joe Tookmanian

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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to 5boro’s very own Joe Tookmanian in New York New York. I remember watching the whole video and being super stoked to see all new york skaters got down like that. When it came to Joe’s part I was always wondering what stance he rode for the longest time because of how good all his tricks were but actually you know what I am still confused to this day haha. Click play and be amazed on how good Joe’s skating is. – S.M.