2012 January


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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to Chet Tomas in the globe opinion video. I remember watching videos for the first time and under standing brands and seeing new tricks for the first and this part was one of them. Chet was the first person I seen do a hardflip nosegrind and be blown away by it. – S.M.

Knowing hey when you make a trick you conquer your board, your board didn’t conquer you.

Where The Vox Are We

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Fs. Tailslide


lip & tooth

¬†After leaving Georgia we were chased south by a typhoon of rain. Thankfully Dave’s arc was sea worthy enough to get us to new orleans, where we stumbled across this amazing DIY spot. Fortunately hot humid weather is a good recipe for sweating out all the booze and ungodly acts from the night before. After our 24 hour stay in the Big Easy we were off back into the rain and wind to Texas. A good break in the weather in Houston was good for the crew unknowing that we would be plaiged with more rain for the next 2 days that followed. Stay posted.


Photos by: Nate Legsdin


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This week’s Tip Tuesday couldn’t be any better. The feeling I get when I go out skating with my favorite skater will be the word “SURPRISE” because I will never know what they will do. A few weekends back we met up at the LA Love Park and I seen my homies burger and Nick Tucker putting in work. The photo that you are seeing was shot by Dan Abadi which he captured more then perfect. All I got to say is that Nick Tucker is always surprising the world with something new. – S.M.

MUSIC MONDAY: Peter, Bjorn & John

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This week’s MUSIC MONDAY goes out to peter, bjorn & john with “up against the wall”. When I listen to this song I feel like I am at the lunch room in high school again hanging out with my friends and remembering the good times. Never forget the good times and you had with everyone in your life. – S.M.


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20120121-123215.jpg Artie Noel

A.N: The one man party here!

M.S: What’s good brotha! How’s everything?

A.N: Everything’s dope man! Soaking up the nice NE winter we’ve had to skate in this year.

Blunt Heelflip To Fackie

M.S: Man where have you been? I use to see you all the time, Nashua park, Demos, ect….you disappeared

A.N: Been on a hiatus from
skating the past year, Needed to gain my confidence on the skateboard back. Ran into a bunch of injuries over the past 3 years and it took a toll on me mentally and physically. Herniated disk, surgically repaired wrist, broken collarbone. I need to take a step back and evaluate. Skating is mental more than physical, Had to clear the doubts.

Halfcab Heel To Fackie

M.S: That’s dope, yeah I back all those guys they are the best specially Rice he always treating me like I was part of the EB crew, talking about EB you still got the tattoo?

A.N: Hell yah, No laser removal there! Those guys treated us like family. Whether it was rice or earl..

M.S: Yeah I remember seeing that and being like wow, so give me a run down of your new day in a life.

A.N: Wake up and work for a great company in thermo fisher scientific. Assemble the internal components to a chemical identifier and skate hard fri to Monday! My film man and best friend jon wolf moved to Germany. Going to visit him for two weeks in Barcelona come April then a week trip to LA after. I try to get to the west coast once a year. You’ve taken under my wing whenever I visit with the homies. I owe you big!

M.S: Damn so what’s 2012 got for in store for you?

A.R: Well being three weeks in, I’m well under way in gathering new clips. Haven’t done much filming since dropping my subterranean part back in 2008. Not sure if anyone is making a video locally just yet, so if I cant find anything, I’ll just drop a part on Vimeo for viewing. I try to stay local and enjoy the great skate scene we have in NE. Find me on the golf course Sunday mornings for sure!!!! Haha