2012 January


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This week’s Tip Tuesday is “PURPOSE” because we all have one in life. We want to do what we want and make it our living to wake up everyday in happiness. I knew what my purpose was and it became my reality that I trip out about everyday. I look at it like this, a sun rises and sets and does what its meant to do and we are here for one reason which is to do what we put on earth for, which is do what you want. – S.M.

BELIVE and you will ACHIEVE

Where The Vox Are We

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Where the VOX are we? Part 1, We spent the first few days skating Boston , MA, trying to hit as many spots as we could before we shipped out to Philly for a few days, We stayed with Jake Todd out side Philadelphia for a couple days then moved on to the DC-Baltimore area. The first part of the trip went well , stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Featuring: Dave Bachinsky , Cody Mcentire, Matt Fenell, Brendan O’Conner, Sean Hernandez , Justin Clement , John Desimas , John Coyne

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FIlmed and Edited by Elliott Vecchia

MUSIC MONDAY: Florence + The Machine

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This week’s Music Monday goes out to Florence + The Machine with there song “SHAKE IT OUT”. I am the type of person to listen to one song for more then a month before I find another one that gets played over and over again. I really enjoy listening to a song until I feel its right to move on to the next one. What I am trying to say that this will be one of your favorite songs after you listen to it. – S.M.

Enjoy your week and make it a positive one.

VIDEO PART HYPE: Antonio Durao

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Antonio Durao video part is completely mind blowing in it’s own way. I remember meeting Antonio at least 2 years ago when he message me on facebook about having used boards, but when i met him in person i gave him my pair of axion shoes right off my feet so he would be able to skate. The first trick in this part is a switch big heel down a 8 and his last trick was a switch front 3 down the west islip 9 stair. The fact that he is 15 years old with a lot of talent and a strong drive for skateboarding is one of a kind. – S.M.

“Keep pushing and never stop skating”

AlliSports Under The Gun: 9-10-11 Tattoo Story

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“Manny Santiago breaks down the meaning behind his 9-10-11 tattoo. It was a race against the clock to get his video part finished in time for the deadline. Find out why Manny got the date tattooed on his arm in this Allisports Under the Gun, and watch some great skateboard clips from the movie” – Joe Krolick

Where The Vox Are We

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Home Sweet Home

Trip Nuge

Cody Mcentire’s Pool Grounds

Nate Legsdin ( Donkey )

Matt Fenell Fs. Board

Late sesh

Cody McEntire is a home sweet home for a man out of Belton, Texas. From country living to getting stuck at Whattaburger & Starbucks for internet,  we spent a decent amount of time in Belton. We had to deal with another day to pass the rain, but it was awesome to finally get to see Cody’s house. Over the years I always got shit from him, “wait till you play on my pool table!” It’s damn true, Cody runs it. Thanks Cody and Claudette and their dog Cloey Ann for having us!

Photo’s by Nate Legsdin 


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This Weekend’s Interview goes out to our homie Nick Tucker. Nick has been killing it  for the last few years now and its truly amazing to see his progression in skateboarding. He has been one of my favorite am’s for a while now and it’s great to be able to go out and film with him. – S.M.

1. WHO are favorite skaters?

There are so many its hard to pick one, because all the different styles of skating.Definately Koston and Prod are up there in the top list.

2. WHAT is it like growing up in chula vista?

I’m not from chula Vista. I spent a lot of time down there, but i’m from northpark. You got me confused me with daniel rodgriuez. haha

3. WHERE are you currently residing at now?

I am currently living in sherman oaks.

4. WHEN is the next full Nick Tucker video part?

I’ve been working hard to get as much footage as I can, hopefully soon.

5. WHY did you start skateboarding?

When I was 12 years old.

6. HOW does it feel having amazing nollie inward heelflips?

haha thanks, I’ve been watching Reynolds do them for so long, i really wanted to learn them. So i tried forever and it worked out. That dude is the king of that trick though!