2011 December


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I have known Chaz since he was “Knee High To A Duck” as some people would say, its dope to see him grow up and kill the game. Never mind the person hes become but the skill he has acquired and mentality to stay happy and not acknowledge the haters. I recently re watched his Zoo York part and was amazed again, good job buddy!


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I must say skateboarders have a lot ofCREATIVITY”, from making spots, using all sorts of obstacles to create art to just making something outta nothing. As for this photo, I tried a line here for the *AMMO* NEW YEARS REVOLUTION promo and after 2 hours of trying it I just could not land it. My board was beat so we decided to screw it to the tree right in front of the spot as a sign of a skateboard territory, hope you enjoyed our CREATIVITY!


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This week’s MUSIC MONDAY goes out to Mac Miller. I just started recently getting into mac miller music ever since I heard “knock knock”. This song for some reason reminds me when I moved out here to california. I just wanna say make your best day ever your best ending week to the year 2011. – S.M.


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I just realized what I wanted for Christmas. I never knew it would of came sooner then later. I dreamed about it since I was a little kid and now all of my christmas gifts came true. I traveled the world, Met pros and filmers I looked up too since I was little who are now my friends. I have my own desk and computer to edit my visions into a reality. I live, breath, and eat skateboarding. This would of never been possible if wasn’t for Manny taking me under his wing and believing in my vision. This year has been christmas for me and I am super thankful for it everyday. If you can take this moment and be thankful for those around you then some gifts under the tree and realize your real gifts are what’s front of you. – S.M.



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“The Troop went to Puerto Rico to spread the word, film for “New Years Revolution“, and hold the first annual “Prince of Puerto Rico” contest. We hope you enjoy a this glimpse into the experience we had on the “Isla de Encanto”. ” – *AMMO*


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This week’s Tip Tuesday might be a little different but I feel this picture means “LIFE” to me. I was in Puerto Rico for 2 weeks and never felt so great to be surrounded by the culture, positive friends, skateboarding, and the beach life. I enjoy every moment I am given and never give up on any opputirny that’s in front of me. Do what feels right and makes your life that much greater. – S.M.

MUSIC MONDAY: Phantogram

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This week’s Music Monday goes out to Phantogram “Mouthful Of Diamonds”. This song for some reason reminds me of winter. Pick a song that reminds you of something great. The winter might be cold but the holiday’s feel that much warmer. – S.M.