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This week’s Tip Tuesday just felt right. I can remember when “SEASON” changing meant so much to me and for a while it didn’t phase me til the other day when i was skating and seen this. I felt close to home feeling this way in another state. I could be skating anywhere around the world and just feel right knowing that the little things can remind me of home. – S.M.

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We are a team, not only do we skate but we also get the second angles. Yeah FELIX.

After Kurtis gets a banger he decides to film a switch flip for the FTV.

Didn’t turn out so good, Knee and ankle at the same time. Get better soon Kurtis!

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This weekend’s Interview goes out to our homie Dan Abadi. Dan is one of those skaters who you seen clips of and here and there. The first time I seen Dan was in the city stars video smith grinding this 12 rail in paul’s part wondering who that dude was. Ten years later I am interviewing him and now skating with him, it’s crazy how time flys and theworld works. - S.M.

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1. WHO do you skate with on the regular?

I skate with PRod,Shane oneil, Torey pudwill, Justin schulte, Carlos Zarazua, gonzo, Chance Elridge.

2. WHAT is the skate click all about?

I started the skate click with my friend manny salazar. He has been in school doing web design and asked me if i wanted to start a site. I would also have random footage that wouldn’t make it into videos or guys that would film a good trick and wouldn’t be used. For example warm up tricks of Paul, Shane and Torey are still things people want to see. Our main idea was to be able to put out footage that was really good but not good enough for a video part. I would not only film behind the scenes but there warm up tricks before they got their bangers.

3. WHERE is the warm up spot before you go street skating?

The warm up spots don’t really exist any more for us haha. We practice at the skatepark during the week or at night before we go straight to the spot and hanlde the trick.

4. WHEN are you going to make a how to nollie crook video?

haha any time someone wants to film me, I can get that handled no problem.

5. WHY haven’t the skate click and M.S.A. done a collab yet?

IDK but I feel like big things are going to happen soon, and we both have links going to each others websites for now.

6. HOW do you feel about skating now since you started?

Skating now is defiantly different since I started. When iI started I was strictly a skater looking at skating in only a skateboard prospective. “Get tricks on film and do tricks no one has done yet” Now I look at skating as a way of life. I skate, I film, I shoot photos, edit videos, and just can have fun and make money on what I love and have always loved.

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PHOTO FRIDAY: Anthony Williams

Always dope to reconnect friendships, I randomly kept bumping into Anthony Williams around LA. After finishing my *AMMO* commercial at this Glendale spot Anthony with ease was doing a line with switch tre down the set, Talk about steeze! enjoy this weeks Photo Friday. (I know I’m a day late haha)

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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to Jeff Lenoce in the world market skate shop video. This video part was before my time skating. When I watch older video’s it makes me appreciate skating that much more everyday. Thank you Jeff for dropping amazing parts. - S.M.

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Here is our 2nd trailer for “New Years Revolution” Tune in at midnight New Years Eve 2011 for our 1st online promo. Please join Javier Nuñez, Felix and I as we toast to the “NEW YEARS REVOLUTION” !

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This week’s Tip Tuesday I feel the word “CHANGE” plays a big roll with what you see. I remember the first time I looked into an LCD screen and filmed my first clip. The feeling I felt can not be replace with anything else in this world. This past week I filmed a clip of Javier Nunez at DWP for the *AMMO* NEW YEARS REVOLUTION PROMO that drops on new years eve. – S.M.

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Music Monday: Florence + The Machine

This week’s Music Monday goes out to Florence + The Machine with “Cosmic Love”. I remember when I first heard “Dog Days Are Over” and was complete hook ever since. This song gives me the chills ever time I listen to it, but in a good way that it motivates me. - S.M.

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Front Nose/Berlin Park.

I don’t know if you guys seen it but Thrasher just dropped a Tim Zom video on there site, while out here in Germany I got the chance to skate with him and I see why Skate Mental is hooking him up! Enjoy this weeks PHOTO FRIDAY straight from BERLIN.

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