2011 October


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This weekend’s Interview goes to Ishod Wair. I had the chance to spend some time in africa with Ishod for the Maloof Money Cup contest. It’s funny how much this dude loves skateboarding. Read up on everything been going for Ishod. – S.M.

1.Who do you skate with on the daily?

I skate with Dom,Pat, and Conor on the daily.

2. What is like being out in south Africa for the Maloof Money Cup?

It was cool man, everyone was hyped on being out there.

3. Where do you see yourself this winter?

I will be back and forth between philly and cali this winter.

4. When are we going to see another amazing part from you?

Who knows hopefully soon.

5. Why did you pick skateboarding and nothing else?

Just because it’s the shit and you can do whatever you want.

6. How does it feel winning the Maloof Money Cup in Africa?

It’s awesome, and I am beyond hyped pretty much loss for words.


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This week’s Tip Tuesday word is “IMPORTANCE” .When I look at this photo the wordthat comes into my head is importance. Manny has made an impact on my life and is a very important person to me, I felt like we were separated at birth.

“Great Minds Think Alike” – S.M.


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This week we have Kid Cudi “In My Dreams” for Music Monday. This song has been on repeat for a little while and just listening to what he says makes perfect sense. You can feel what the song says but you will understand it better while living it. – S.M.

Anthony Williams

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I have known Anthony Williams for god knows how long!….Almost 10 years now, its always an amazing feeling to see people make look skateboarding so much fun and stylish. I havnt seen Anthony in so long and in the past week i ran into him twice, so dope to reconnect with old friends. Enjoy this!