2011 September

Maloof Money Cup: South Africa Day 3

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So hyped to see the Tampa guys Ryan Clements & George out in AFRICA!

Philly Locals Vern & Pete Eldridge dressing really alike! haha

Pete Eldridge got that POP sawg, Alley-oop back 180.

Should i drop in?….So Scary!

Andy Mac getting BUCK!

Out in the Streets with Felix, sketchy spot but steezy ollie!

Live from South Africa 9/30 – 10/2 Stay tuned on
for Live Feed of the contest!

Maloof Money Cup: South Africa Day 1&2

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Always dope to know the plane your about to fly on gets a problem right before it flys….Sketchy!
Natural Ice Pool!
Best thing ever to walk into the hotel and first people to see is Lizard King & Matt Miller.
Maloof Money Cup KimberlyAFRICA.
Blue Paint Swag haha
Felix already getting buck on the course and breaking it in for everyone.Lizard getting boogy with the noseblunt!


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I am kinda lost for words in this week’s Tip Tuesday. I am truly “SPEECHLESS” this week. If you were tell me a year ago that I would be going to South Africa to film a skateboard contest with skaters I looked up to, I would of told you probably not. This is the photo I shot when the plane landed in South Africa yesterday and just being blown away on my surroundings. You know the saying pictures tell a thousands words well this photo speaks for itself. – S.M.

Photo Friday: Andrew Pott

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These weeks Photo Friday goes to Andrew Pott, i shot this photo will we were filming for the Famous “Everywhere We Go” ski video! After Pott finding a beach mouse he decided to 3 flip of this sketchy skinny ledge and with ease, i hope you enjoyed this weeks photo friday!

Tip Tuesday: “PRODUCTIVE”

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This week’s Tip Tuesday is something a lot of people can be if they have a strong  “PRODUCTIVE” team behind them. The reason I stay busy is because of Manny and Felix. This photo was taken at the Maloof Money Cup in NY where I filmed Manny for the contest and hung out with felix for the first time. I seen how they both work and wanted to be apart of something greater then a team but become a part of the family. If you don’t have your family backing you then who will. – S.M.