2011 August

Tip Tuesdays: “WISH”

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This week’s Tip Tuesdays is something we all do on a daily basis when there is something we all want in life. My “WISH” came true after turning 21 and celebrating it out west. The fact that I pick up left without thinking twice was not only part of wishing it but was a goal of mine for years. I think your dreams are bigger then the world is if you don’t give up. – S.M.

Homie Hype: Tommy Fynn

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Its always dope to see new footy of the homies! Now when you see some amazing stuff its mind blowing, peep Tommy FynnWelcome to the Stereo Team” Part.

IphoneTage: Jkwon Plaza

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Who would have ever thought that you could film(FishEye), Edit, ad Music, and make a whole video with your phone! I just recently got a Fish Eye for my i-Phone 4, Heres my first project that i made yesterday at Jkwon Plaza with James Criag, Matt Gottwig, Little Kevin and YUTO!


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This week’s Music Monday’s goes out to Chris Brown. Chris has been making amazing music since he hit the scene. This track is truly something else, recapping the moments he has spent with amazing artist’s and showing the life that he lives. You can do anything you want just put your mind to it. – S.M.


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This Weekend’s Interview goes out to Brett Conti. The homie,my brother, and an amazing skaterboarder. Brett has been putting in work sometime now and it’s not stopping here. Brett just recently release a summer part that dropped on the 26th of this month by Mike Brogan. What better way then to end your summer on a good note. I had the chance to catch up with Brett before he goes back to college in the city so here it is. – S.M.

1. Who insipres you everyday?

I watch Danny Way footage everyday to get psyched. I also watch a lot of Manny’s parts, that’s probably why I do a lot of his tricks without realizing it.

2. What was the hardest trick in your part?

Definitely the switch bigspin that four block, I had to go back three times for that, the ground is like sand paper, the run up is up hill, and theirs cracks right before you pop, so it’s a typical New York spot, ha.

3. Where did the concept of a summer part come from?

Well, it was planned on being just a fun little montage nothing to crazy of just what ever footage I got throughout the summer. But then, like the first week of filming I got the back 270 lip, and then after that I realized I actually wanted to make it a sick part and get the best footage I could.

4. When did doing back 270 lip down handrails, come so easy for you?

I year, 3 months and 15 days ago, ahah nah, I don’t know, but that trick still freaks me out no matter how long I do it for.

5. Why was there such a short deadline for the video?

Just since I leave to go back to school in Manhattan on August 28th, so the 26th at midnight seemed appropriate.

6. How do you feel now that video is done?

I feel great, and self satisfied that i set a goal and accomplished it. I was seriously one of the best summers I’ve ever had, filming with Mike(Brogan) is always a good time. Also can’t wait to sart filming again for my next part which will be for Sam wood’s video.

Photo Friday: Shmatty

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It’s funny to think what tricks somehow come very easy to a skater, back noseblunt has never been one for me. As for Shmatty he had them every try that followed an amazing line, Look out for the homie he will be blown up soon! Enjoy this weeks Photo Friday.


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This week’s Tip Tuesday is about the word “THINK”. What is the first thing that comes to your head when someone say’s think. Think about going here, think about doing this, or even think about living your dreams. The crazy thing about that is, I have been dreaming and thinking about it. This photo is the balcony from the hotel i stayed in vegas. This photo shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. So next time when you think, just think of the best and never hope for the worst. – S.M.