2011 July

Slay Sundays: Scott Kane

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This weekend’s Slay Sunday goes out to Scott Kane. Scott had some leftover clips that haven’t been used and what better way then to Slay this Sunday with them. – S.M.

“Scott has always been one my favorite skaters and had a big influence on how I skate today” – M.S.

Photo Friday: Adrian

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Always a good time to go skate random spots, when they described this spot to me I couldn’t picture it. Then after seeing Adrian do front nose inward shuv it into the bank I was even more amazed! Not only do you ollie up the curb but the rails on the wall so your nose hits, Enjoy this weeks Photo Friday.

Throwback Thursdays: Scott Kane

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This week’s Throwback Thursdays goes out to our homie Scott Kane. Scott Kane’s Bootleg part was not on youtube for this weeks Throwback so i found his bonus footage from the bootleg dvd. The sound of skating with out music sometimes just sounds right. Scott has unbelievable talent and a raw style that will never be replace or duplicated. – S.M.

Tip Tuesdays: “CAPTURE”

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This week’s Tip Tuesdays is “CAPTURE”. Everyday we capture something in our lives with our eyes but will never be able to play it back. The night I shot this photo was after the AMMO X Maxfish board release. I just felt that it was the right thing to do and remembering that night will always be a priceless moment. – S.M.

3k Hype: Dave Bachinsky & Steez Interview

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Yupp a Dave Bachinsky Interview! The guys over from Steez Magazine got a hold of Dave and put his mind on paper or HTML haha….Enjoy his insanity, this was my opening paragraph:
“What to write about Mister
Bachinsky?! Mmmmmhhhh,
well let’s start off with the fact
that he is probably the only
skater I know that will ride a
bike for four hours listening
to Jimmy Buffet and then go
film something gnarly, or just
maybe get lost in the woods
for an afternoon looking for a
trace of big foot. Dave’s one
of those people that other
people text you about and say
“Dave did this”, and no matter
how gnarly or how insane,
you believe it. I’m proud to
have grown up skating with
Dave and all his insanity!
-Manny Santiago”

(Click Here For Interview)

Music Mondays: DJ Khaled

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This week’s Music Mondays goes out to DJ Kahled one of the most talented Dj doing the un thinkable in each track that he drops. This summer hit is going to be this years best song. Today you start your week off right with “I’m On One”. – S.M.

Slay Sundays: Joey Ragali

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This weekend’s Slay Sundays goes out to our homie Joey Ragali from Jupiter Florida. Joey had so much leftover clips that it was so hard to chose what tricks to use. So stay tuned for a full length re-edit part from Joey Ragali. – S.M.


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This weekends interview goes out to our homie Joseph Delgado. Joseph Delgado was born in peru and then moved to queens later on in life. The crazy thing about Joe is that he is always out doing himself with each video part he drops. Joseph is the type of skater who can push one block to another block with a smile on his face because he has just love and passion for skateboarding. – S.M.

1. Who are the skaters that are currently killing it in the queens area?

To be honest I feel like everytime I pass by the local spots or even skate parks like Astoria or Flushing Meadows one I see the progression from the community. It’s pretty cool to see everyone in queens trying to hold it down.

2. What is your warm up trick before you get your day started?

I warm up eating some good peruvian food at home of course and then i end up making my way out into the streets of queens. Just riding around my neighborhood is a challenge sometimes since our streets have the worst cracks everywhere.

3. Where are you traveling off to next?

I ain’t leaving NY anytime soon since it’s summer time right now. But once November hits I will be down south in ATL this year filming for a small video that will have all the homies from NY pretty hyped!

4. When is the full length Joseph Delgado part?

The next video part I started working on was in the beginning of April and should drop sometime by Septemeber. Jeremy Elkin is the guy that has been pointing the camera at me to get this part done. Thank you Jeremy and Joe Bressler for the motivation.

5. Why is flushing meadows your favorite spot.

When I was growing up in Lima, Peru my dad had send me my first skate video on VHS to watch. It was called “Remedy” he had bought it in NY and of course it was a local video filmed all out here in the east coast. In that video I saw a bunch of cool spots to skate and the one that stood out the most of me was the Flushing Meadows fountain. I saw Sho Ma(RIP), Danny Falla, Geo Moya, and Roney Torres kill that place. Once I got the chance to come back to the states I would go there everyday to just skate after school. That place is the best! I met all my best friends there while skating. Flipmode Crew4Life!!!

6. How do you feel about skating nowadays in queens since you started skating?

I like skating queens a lot more than anywhere else just because there’s to many things to skate out here. I really don’t have to go into the city to skate a ledge or some manny pad. We have it all here. You just have to know where everything is and you will be set. Plus we got that $6.75 speical every tuesdays at john’s Pizza on lefferts and 111ave. That place makes some bomb ass pizza!!!

Photo Friday: Joey Ragali

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Once again a little late on the post but i been cursing around NYC for the past week, today we went to this rail i skated awhile back and Joey Ragali warms up with a Feeble for this weeks for Photo Fridays.

Throwback Thursdays: Ronnie Creager

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This week’s Throwback Thursdays goes out to our homie Ronnie Creager in Trilgoy. This video change a lot for skateboarding when it was released. Ronnie’s smooth picnic tables tricks, flip manual flip out maneuvers blew minds for its time. Ronnie has always step the bar in every part he has put out over the years and i really think for a classic one this goes down in the history books for sure. – S.M.