2011 June

Throwback Thursday: Malcolm Watson

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This week’s Throwback Thursday’s goes out to our homie and good friend Malcolm Watson. Malcolm is such a clam collective human being with the passion of one thing which is skateboarding. The skating ii this video gets me amp to try the manual tricks Malcolm did it. The thing you can’t take away from Malcolm is his ability to make his tricks look effortless with style. – S.M.

Tip Tuesday: “UNITY”

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This week’s Tip Tuesday goes out to one of the greatest days on this earth for skateboarders. Go skateboarding day is not only a holiday for us but a day for to unite and become one. I felt so much “UNITY” in one place that day and just had to take this moment in. – S.M.

Music Mondays: Biggie/Frank Sinatra

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This week’s Music Mondays has a mix to it. Two amazing artist, two amazing songs, mix into one. The feeling when I listen to this track just puts me into the most amazing mood because how historic these 2 icons were. The impact they left behind will always live on forever. – S.M.


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Skateboarders are unique as soon they take there first step on a skateboard. What i realize over time is that each skateboarder makes a difference in there own way. This weekends interview I give you Brad Cromer who i feel like has made an impact in his own way that other skaters can relate to. The way he just does things on a skateboard are like no other and can not be repeated. Read on and enjoy on what Brad has to say. – S.M.

1. Who is pang? See question 2.

2. What is this Lo-Fi video about?

Well this Lo-Fi video is about everything I’d like to see in a skate video. It’s all vx video edited by me and filmed by my main man pang. I basically want to see if i can handle putting together a legit video that can be watched the whole through short, sweet, good music, good skateboarding, etc.

3. Where are currently at right now?

I’m in Lowell Mass for right now?

4. When does Lo-Fi come out?

I’m aiming for late august early september, but you know how that goes.

5. Why is New York your favorite city?

I just like that theres so many options. It’s super diverse. All kinds of spots and all kinds of skates. Theres just always something to be doing weather your skateboarding or not. It’s basically the same reasons every other skateboarder likes New York City.

6. How do you make everything look so easy when you skate? well…………….. yeah i cant answer that.

Photo Friday: Dave Bachinsky

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This weeks Photo Friday goes to a photo I posted on my Instagram while I was home but the photo is too good not to post again! Dave Bachinsky is known to destroy 4 foot ramp, now imagine a 15 foot up hill mellow slide?! Ollie out front disaster….FOCUS.