2011 May

Axion Cali Tour: Day 14&15

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Saturday started in St Helena with this dope plaza, rain cut the skating short. We through a best trick down the stairs and rail in the rain, Thanks to everyone at Board Garden!

Homie came up on some Diamond Bearings for a front smith 180 on the long rail.

It’s always nice to get the kids hyped, but when you make there day it’s an amazing feeling. I skated these Mandelas for like 20 min then hooked him up.

When best tricks go down people break boards, I had to hook him up with the board because not only did he break his nose on a nollie hard flip down the set but he ran back up and broke his tail on the next try as he skated away.

Sunday was our last stop, Hanford was probably my favorite. Didnt get alot of pics because I was skating all day, it was so much fun. Luckily Spanish Mike took this pic of everyone. Thanks FRC and kevin for making this a good day.

Perfect Spot.

All the skaters showed us around, so dope! Felt like a stop on the “Hot Chocolate” tour haha.


Sweet, Literally. Axion Heritage drop in July, look out for this FUEGO.


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This week’s Tip Tuesday’s plays a big roll when it comes to working together. The pass few weeks i been on the axion weekend’s in cali tour capturing everything with Nelly Mundo. I can defiantly say working as a “Team” is one word that can describe these skaters. There is no I in TEAM when they are around. – S.M.

Axion Cali Tour: Day 11,12&13

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Hurt the ankle again so no better solution then the hot tub!

Dammmmmmmn….SWAG! Haha Olive/Black Mandelas

FTC Sacramento

Kevin Taylor setting up the new Zoo Fresh-e.

Rookie of the trip Jacob Sandin getting clips at every spot, Lipslide fackie.

Flow rider Ceaser getting buck with this Ollie through the wire over the barricade. BUCK!

Plain bump to front nose, Holla at the kid!

Ceaser repping that MSA(MannySlaysAll.com) hat!

If your in Sacramento come skate this park!

Ground Zero skate shop. Good thing about parking lot setups is you can move things around and make your own obstacles, we made this!

Feels good to give back when people really appreciate it. Another *AMMO* Felix Logo board goes into good hands.

Nothing like getting the kids hyped, that’s what it’s about! Haha so happens the all got different shirt for showing up…They’re gonna be steady repping that Diamond, AXION, and *AMMO*.

Yupp! Chilling, munching, and kicking it.

Kyle was going so fast switch flipping up the stairs my camera catch it, Ghost.

Throwback Thursday: Jesse Silvey

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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to Jesse Silvey in Shorty’s “Fulfill The Dream”. Jesse part’s are always great to watch because he would do tricks that would surprise the shit out of you. This video is defiantly a collector’s item and so is Jesse’s part. – S.M.

Art Hype: Inga Guzyte

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This is Inga Guzyte, While in Sanata Barbara on the Axion trip we met her at Church of Skatan. I thought she was your average skate girl, I was wrong! She was telling us about a gallery she was working on, so after dinner we all headed over….Let’s just say she left us all speechless.

How amazing is art! Nevermind art made from the thing you love the most….Skateboards, She hand makes this characters with old boards and imagination….Priceless.

This was my favorite one, The flying warrior haha I told her on the next one she has to leave a front tooth out to match my teeth. I think she might do it! Haha



Ronnie Creager came by and Signed one of them, dope!


Way to go out with a Bang! Thanks again Inga for being cool and having as much passion for skating as we do! Check out her site! IngaGuzyte.com

Axion Cali Tour: Day 9&10

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Powder & Sun, Palmdale.

So hyped they still had my AXION store window display….Dreams can come true.

Hyped see the kids skating the parking lot!…That’s some skateboard sh*t.

Little homie came up on the *AMMO* Felix logo board.

After the demo we heading street skating, went to this gap into the bank that we skated last trip….More tricks went down!

Sean Peterson packing all his equip. In the van….That’s alot of bags YO!

Next day was Hawaiian Shirt Day in dedication to Weekend at Bernies….I looked Craze.

Flow rider Sean takes us to this amazing bleacher warm up spot.


Nelly Mundo didn’t have a Hawaiian shirt so he made a custom Philly-Waiian Axion Cali Tour shirt!

Snuck in between the bushes to shoot this “Artsy” photo of Kyle Nicholson warming up with this front board.

MVP of the trip Kyle once again, Front 180 Bump to bar.

Tip Tuesday: “successful”

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Today has been a productive one on this trip, so I dedicate this week’s Tip Tuesday to be “successful”. The day went like any other but was just a little different. The crew planned on checking out this ditch spot but was not planning on skating it, so manny grab his board to check it out. The next thing you know a couple try’s later manny landed the trick that he planned out in his head while riding away successfully with another trick for the tour video. – S.M.