2011 April

Berrics Hype: Turf Global United

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So hyped for all the homies and seeing there stuff come together! TURF is killing and doing it right, Congrats!….”Were just a bunch of skaters that love it, were not really into it for any other motive…The end result of your trick, that feeling, that love, that smile, the high fives, THATS WHAT TURFS ABOUT!” – Mike York

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Tip Tuesday: “PRICELESS”

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This weeks Tip Tuesday is something we shouldn’t take for granted. The moments we experienced in our lives, the people we met through the long journeys are “PriceLess” because right then and there we are just living it to the fullest. This picture shows a symbol of a priceless moment. Mykim took her time out to create these amazing pieces from scratch and looking back how she created them, they are priceless. – S.M.

Music Mondays: Gang Starr

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This week’s Music Mondays goes out to Gang Starr, one of the most unique rap groups dropping knowledge in the early 90’s. This songs speaks for itself and relates to other’s grinding, hustling, and trying to make something out of nothing. – S.M.


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This weekend’s interview goes to brazil own Felipe Gustavo. The style and ability that he has is unreal. I feel like every time i see him skate in person, it seems like one big magic trick. I see him roll up before the trick, don’t understand how he did that, and then roll away like it never happen. “Imagination can become Reality” – S.M.

1. Who are your favorite brazil skaters?

Rodrigo TX

2. What is the feeling like getting this years best Braziliam?

I don’t know man it feels good.. i didn’t expect that! so i am really happy about it.

3. Where is your favortie hang out spot when your home?

Well beside skating.. i love going in my jacuzzi relaxing time lol.

4. When does the plan b video come out?

Damn .. hard question! we all are filming for it right now, i hope it comes out the end of the year? that would be sick.

5. Why do you love so much wax?

I just do.. i get hyped when i wax a spot to skate and it makes me skate more i guess.

6. How do you approach a trick that you haven’t tried before?

Damn man its hard to explain haha