2011 April


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This weekends interview goes to our homie James Craig who is a true professional when it comes to skating and producing top quality wheels. I met james over 2 years ago at the Agenda trade show in Huntington Beach, since then he has been one of the i’llest people to shred and be around. Read and enjoy what James has been doing with SML Wheels. – S.M.

1. Who designs the wheels?

The graphics have been a mix of people who are our friends but Rob Whyt who is the creative force behind Liberty Board Shop and now a major shoe brand, did the last series for us. Also all the riders ok anything with their name on it. Austyn is a very hands on type of young man.http://sml.freewayscollide.com/?page_id=17

2. What is the greatest thing about owning a wheel company?

I’d say the freedom to do what we want! I wanted to be a part of something organic like skateboarding itself, no right or wrong its just the way you choose to do something that makes a skater or a product unique. Quality products are very important to us at Small Wheels so people giving positive feedback let’s me know we are going in the right direction. Also putting together a team of dudes who wield the stunt wood in the finest form is really gratifying.

3. Where did the name come from?

For some reason when we started talking about a wheel company I had the vision of the first team ad being the team bombing a hill on Big Wheels, you know the plastic tire tricycles and call the company Big Wheels. That is too close to Pig Wheels so it hit me “Big pants, Small Wheels“. I started skating in 1990 so I grew up in that Era and the name Small Wheels just sounds sick to me and it is also represents a vibe that we want , which is kinda early 90’s steez like more just fun and carefree.

4. When does the new line of wheels drop?

We should have a new line of wheels done here in the next few weeks to a month. We are going to expand the size rang and have bigger Small Wheels haha.

5. Why a wheel company?

I was released from my former wheels sponsor via a very generic email so I didn’t have a wheel sponsor and saw a place in the market for something fresh and new with the highest possible quality. It seemed right to me at the time that there were companies with quality products and not the best marketing and vise versa,

6. How does SML stand out from the other wheel companies?

We don’t…..hahahaha! We are skater owned and operated, the best quality wheels money can buy, from a marketing stand point we will always be evolving and not staying one place. So yeah we’re all over the place! Fellow skatboarders please ask your local shop to get SML. wheels so we can pay rent and support our bad habits 🙂

Throwback Thursdays: Salman Agah

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This week’s Throwback Thursdays is a special one, our homie and good friend Salman Agah, “label kills” part is really something else. I watched this part and I saw the pure creativity that Salman puts into every part. The lines, the rails, and everything else he skated was truly irreplaceable. – S.M.


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Filmer Corey Cabrera catchs up with Manny Santiago to let us know what Manny has been doing lately, from the switch with Think to *AMMO*, spending his winning money, explaining why keeping up with skating through the internet is relevant, and of course a lot of skating and traveling this year. For the rest of the interview click on this,



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Today is Josh Kail’s Birthday, so while you read this pop open a drink and give him a Happy Birthday Shout for having one of the most rawest style’s in skateboarding. Thank you Josh for always putting out amazing video parts because we celebrating today brotha. – S.M.