2011 February

HOMIE HYPE: Theotis Beasley

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Theotis Beasley has been filming for the Transworld video and seem like baker has had stored footage of him for a while. Peep the happiest kid in skateboarding celebrate his birthday with his baker squad and family. – S.M.


Music Mondays: Barbra Streisand

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This week’s Music Monday a little different, and features many famous artists in it. Barbra Streisand “Duck Sauce” song is very catchy but also something to get your blood rushing. The music video has everything and more going on. Now i know why Serge Murphy is the way he is. – S.M.

Guest Post by – Serge Murphy


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Nicky,Ricky,Manny,Pat, and Carlos are not only family but they are brothers. I took this photo the last time i was out in lowell with them. I knew this photo would come back into play one day because every photo is worth something. I would like give Carlos a big Happy Birthday, so enjoy it and live it up tonight – S.M.

Slay Sundays: Manny Santiago

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This weekends Slay Sundays goes out to Manny Santiago. Manny told me he had 2 HD clips leftover to be slayed this weekend. SHAPE DEUCE premiered, and Manny defiantly Slayed all this weekend. stay tune for the dvd release of shape deuce – S.M.


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Axion team took a week trip to S.F. and filmed a Double Rock. Limon came onto the sesh and killed it as well. The team was trap in a warehouse for a week and came out with this bangin montage. – S.M.

FootPrint Introduction

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This is what every skater has been waiting for, this will change skating forever. The fact that you won’t have to visit the doctor for your foot anymore. Footprint is going to change skateboarders lives. Vincent Alvarez shows how the insole works, for more info peep there site. – S.M.


Photo Friday: Spanish Mike TV

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Although Photo Friday is supposed to be a photo, we came up on this Kickflip CLIP of Spanish Mike, Most filmers don’t skate that much never mind jump down stuff! Starting Monday till Friday we’re gonna have a “The BoardWalk” week! we got a bunch of surprises so stay tuned, Maybe even a Bachinsky Clip?!

“don’t call me a filmer bro, Im a skateboarder that
sometimes has a camera in my hands” – Spanish Mike