2010 December

HYPE: Monsta X – “Osiris” ft. Nolan Lee

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This video shows how much pride a person could have for a company, what better way then a music video. I think everything about this was perfect, well produced and to the point. Nolan Lee shows everyone how well “OSIRIS” kicks look while he puts them to work while wearing a SK8SAUCE shirt, well done guys – S.M.

Throwback Thursday: Ricky Oyola

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This Week Throwback Thursday Goes out to one of Philly’s finest¬†Ricky Oyola in New Deal 7 Year Glitch. Ricky has always been known for going fast and attacking everything in site with style. His part in this video is very unique and fun to watch and makes you want to skate all the spots he skated with the same energy. – S.M.

HYPE: Christmas Video Coming Soon

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I made a phone call to Brogan about linking up and working on this video he is directing

Guess who is ready for this, nice sweater mike

Devin is also ready for this, nice tie broski

guess what the street blew in from ireland, santa little helper dean

The master mind behind this project with good old Spanish Santa Mike

The video was a success, here is the posse pic super siked on how this turn out stay tune for the video – S.M.

HYPE: 2010 Iphone Montage

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It seems like the iphone has been a super popular item and a great way to capture amazing moments in our life. Jose Barajas shows us just that in this montage he has put together for 2010. what better way then to go out in a bang – S.M.

also check out his channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/Burgervision

HYPE: LUIS’S Travels

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Wanna get a good laugh, check out what luis has film and put together himself. Luis is very funny person to get you hype and keep the good times rolling peep this – S.M.