2010 December

Photo Friday: PBR Meets MSA

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So when your bored you just do random things, I like to listen to music and draw. I’m not too good but I was hype on this haha MannySlaysAll PBR logo with paint! Enjoy this weeks Photo Friday! And have a dope NEW YEARS!

Throwback Thursday: Alex Carolino

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This week Throwback Thursday goes out to Alex Carolino. I consider him one of the greatest skateboarders in my eyes. The first line in his part was ground breaker for him. First off everyone knows when you have first part in a video that is consider like last part, because you are the set of the whole video and for the LORDZ video alex was that person. It’s funny how the title says they don’t give a fuck about us, yea well i do give a fuck about ALEX CAROLINOS.M.

Manny FM$ Sk8Video Update

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Just to give everyone a little taste of what Manny has brewing up for the FM$ video stay tune, clip filmed by Felix. Follow felix on twitter.com/Onefelix for more updates on the video and more. РS.M.

This photo speaks for itself and was taken the same day as the clip up above stay tune Manny is Slaying All FM$

Music Mondays: Wiz Khalifa

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This week’s Music Mondays is something special and one of pittsburgh finest ¬†Wiz Khalifa, Black and Yellow. This may not be a throwback song or a classic just yet but it is one the sickest songs out that everyone is jamming to and knowing what it is just like my AMMO X SPOT Tee that i was repping at tampa am this year thanks to Felix. I knew what it is this year – S.M.