2010 November

Photo Friday: Brad Miller

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This week Photo Friday goes out to the Beast of Boston in my eyes a cartoon character on a skateboard Brad Miller. One thing i can say about brad, he is always about having a good time on his skateboard thats for sure but when its time to get down to business gets it done. The photo speaks for itself this week. Shot by       Nate Legsdin – S.M.

Thanks Giving Day :)

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So since my mom worked, Yupp on “Thanks Giving” and every holiday! I went to Hadley to skate a little bit….”Black Paul” haha showed up and we filmed some stuff for a “Peep The Strategy“…. Peep Game FwowCrew.com

Yupp I took her out for a spin even though she’s no where near done!

Back to the shop….My room! Haha

Pops and cousin Josh catching up….That’s what Family does, or just get drunk either or hahaha

You already know!

I know I know I’m a mamas boy! Haha

What’s a party with out “Uncle Sammy” ?!?!?….Ask Mukasa, haha

Yupp Cuz!!!! Hahaha First beer funnel!

Throwback Thursday: Rodrigo Lima

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This Week Throwback Thursday goes out to none other then one of brazil flawless most gifted skateboarder, Rodrigo Lima. This part of him might be a couple years old but is already a classic. Rodrigo has been doing tricks that half the pros can’t do, the name of the video says it all “HOW TO GO PRO“, can D.G.K. give him a board already, it is well over due stay tune for more Rodrigo updates – S.M.