2010 October

Another LA day

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Woke up, G0t a text from Jeremy Adams
saying “Whats The Plan?” so i told him to get
breakfast and then come swoop because i still
had to blog and do emails, then 20 minutes go by
and says “hey lets go i got Theotis in the car!
so i was like word i got dressed, then out day started….
Met up with Chad Fernandez, Matt Williams, Billyroper, and Yuto!
you know it was a fun day….good
way to start Halloween Weekend muahahahaha

I dont know if guys seen this Mag Minute but
the Homie Matt Gottwig got it in! Mag minutes are
supposed to be 1 minute but matt snuck in 3!
Look up at the photo above…Yupp he ollied into that,
youll see soon enough….5 Dolla Richer haha

Photo Friday: Dave Abair

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This Weeks Photo Friday goes to homie Dave Abair,
With this random wallride cursing down a SF sidewalk
if you know Abair you would know he’s about
crusing and doing wallrides….but thats not were it
stops! He has bomb thee most gnarliest hills in SF i have
seen, nevermind the fact that hes super tech and can jump
down big stuff… VT stand up!

Thanks Camera 2 Part

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Surely after “Thanks Camera” we made a part 2….
Thanks Camera 2” the following year
just like every year, This is my Favorite part
i have ever put out. Only one i can watch and be hyped…
Hope you Enjoy

Throwback Thursday: Mike Taylor&Paul Rodriguez

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This week is a special one, its a double Throwback Thrusday and it goes out too Mike Taylor and Paul Rodriguez in City Stars Street Cinema. This video will always be a classic and a throwback, when this video came out in 2001 it was one of the best videos to come out. Where do i begin, mike taylor part in city stars was just a solid,smooth,and epic part. Still to this day i can pop it in and enjoy each trick he filmed, your the man mikey. Now last part, ender everybody knows him as P-rod well Paul Rodriguez is his name and he showed us easy looking tricks for a little youngster at this time. Paul’s part in city stars was nuts because you could not tell what stance he rode during the video, he was skating it switch nollie,fakie,regular basically which ever way his board went paul took it to the next level when it came to tricks. The over all outcome of this double throwback is that these 2 skaters change skating for its time and it will always be a classic – S.M.

S.M.T.V. Season 3 “S.D. Adventures” PT.3

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Day 2 of this S.D. Adventure, The crew and i woke up early and headed to Huntington beach for the Agenda trade show. I said what up and kick it at the Axion booth with the crew, then we headed out back to chula vista to shred salt creek little did we know about the 3 hour car drive ahead of us. I hope you enjoy some of the crazy stuff that happens on the 805 going south to chula vista stay tune

salt-creek-sesh – S.M.

Thanks Camera Part

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Wow this brings back memories, i don’t know if you guys know
about the “Thanks Camera” videos but in Lowell, Ma..We made
a skate video every year. It started with “Break The Law” then
Continued to “Nor’Easter“…Then the “Thanks Camera” video
started, Justin Hogan Filmed and edited most of the videos….
Heres my part in “Thanks Camera 1

3k Hype: Dave Bachinsky Vox Ad

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After a while of Dave not getting shoes from anyone
he find a comfy foot over at Vox, a week later he needs
an AD so he goes into boston and does this gap back tail!
cant really see the gap because they cut it out but this
is super gnarly! Big ups to Dave and Vox for being smart
and putting this beast on the team….Lets just say i seen
his new footy and its speechless, you’ll know soon Enough