2010 September

Throwback Thursday: Paulo Diaz

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This Week Throwback Thursday goes out too Paulo Diaz
a much respected skater in the skateboard world. This
Latino skater shows you how skateboarding is fun just cruising
the through the streets becoming one with it. Paulo Nollie
frontside 180 are so amazing that words can not even match up to
it. Thank you for showing us that
style mattersS.M.

S.M.T.V.- Philly Finale PT.4&5

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Woke up too crushing a brew with Mundo then headed over to Risk It’s to help kerry with the ramps for the Nocturnal 10 year Annivesary jam. After that we headed over dj luck crib for a Bangin BreakFast.
The breakfast amazing and hit my stomach in the right place. I went to the car to help loaded it up with the equipment, and headed to the jam. Marino ended the season off with amazing freestyle thank you for that.
I wanna say thank you to Nelly Mundo for letting me stay on your couch and end the season off in philly with you brotha.
your the illest homie ever WIYO!!!
Til Next time Season 3 coming soon – S.M.

3K Hype: Dave Gets Creative!

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Dave Bachinsky gets crafty and make a Mario 3K design outta a pumpin, not gonna lie! it came out sooooooo sick and people say skateboarders can’t do nuthing else! Pshhhhh haha

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Video Hype: Spero Promo

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The homie Mike Brogan has been working on his video for over 2 years now.
This is the promo for the Spero video coming winter 2010
be on the look out for it
subscribe to his channel