2010 August

Puerto Rico Contest On The West!

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Due to the Hurricane we missed our flights yesterday but then another contest came up in Puerto Rico and they asked me yo stay, you know me! Haha I’m staying and headin to the west side of the island till tuesday! So If anyones around you’ll should come!

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2nd Day In Puerto Rico

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Teddy was schooling me on “Old San Juan” as we walk around it, he said “The Spaniards came here with all these bricks on the boat so it made the boat heavy and sailed smoothly, when they go to PR they would unload the bricks and replace them with gold” ….others say they just replaced it with random stuff, either way thanks Spain for all the beautiful bricks!

People always trying to make money of my name!?! Haha


Everywhere you go
dope art!

Luis and I filmed some stuff for the GoSkatePR.com ….Should be up soon! Look out for it!

It was so hot I had to get naked! Hahaha

Teddy is a real SKATEBOARDER!
bread and potted meat, no gonna lie it was soooo good! like the good old days

The PR sun drains even the locals! Teddy and Axel are good friends hahahaha

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Video Hype: PRE2K

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PRE2K get it while you can

The spot

Howie Glover and Matt Bell

Flash back clip of Matt Bell from a Infamous trip

Epstein’s was jumping
with people from all over

AMMO was also
there to see the video.


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Famous Rep Raul picked me up from
the airport and we did why most
ricans do, get a drink! Haha

Luis getting ready for a 10 hour skate day in the sun! He looks hyped haha

I guess punk/hardcore is big in PR, scissor kicks, and air punches for no reason!

Homie Teddy gettin in there! Haha

Luis, Orlando and I judge the best trick contest which was insane!

Crowd gets hyped

Not the best photo cuz I was so busy watching all the tricks go down…lil homie Kobe got 3rd with a bump to tailslide fackie, Homie Teddy jr. Got 2nd with a bump to back suski and 3 flip 50-50 down the hubba, and John John got 1st with a impossible 50-50 and nollie heel front 50-50 down the Hubba! It was an amazing day in PR haha

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