2009 November

Duck Hunt: Eric Palzzolo

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Eric Palzzolo
Hometown: lake villa, IL
Setup: nikon d2h, nikon fm1, olympus pen-ee, sunpak
flashes, pocket wizards, nikon sb28s and alot of film

Skater:Johnathan Cruz.
Trick: ollie
Spot: this photo right here is from a triple go SF
spot, federal banks. this ollie into small bank is
one thats tuffer then it looks. quick feet
and steep banks make for good photos.

Skater: Aaron Herrington
Trick: Ollie
Spot: This spot was right down the street from my place
in the TL. ryan g. and peter r. made this spot buy
nocking out one of the cross supports out so you
could grind the flat bar or ollie though, which is
pretty gnarly off a trick considering the sketchy
down hill curb cut bump.

Skater: Dane Nomelline
Trick: Wallie
Spot: danes kinda like the crock hunter when i
comes to finding spots. this spots he found in
the middle of no where, sometime i feel like
ive been everywhere in sf but when i skate
with dane we get cutty! random school yard inn sf.

Skater: Travis Erickson
Trick: Switch Ollie
Spot: this gem of a spot is right behind my work.
i sometimes skate this lil blue ledge down the
hill from the spot because i dont get that buck
anymore. when it comes to big snaps
over weird bars on steep hills i leave those things to travis.

Skater: andrew norris
Trick: Switch 180 50
Spot: another OG SF spot. powell st rails, you’ll
see these every time you get off bart in downtown.
most ppl skate the other rail against the wall, i
figure this is cause if you kick away on this
rail you will break the glass behind it, andrew
comes though with the photo and got it inn a line too. fyi haters.


Wat A Day….Pollo Loco!

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A good breakfast….Pollo Loco!

Kurtis going in and out, Lakers are going out! Haha

Pott likes to sh*t on spots, literally!

Tre lip?….haha

Joe “GAY” Krolick A.K.A Panda….haha

Krooked grind?….

AXION x SML collabo?

Team Work.

A dad and a handy man?….Potts insane!

Yeeeeeee Flying Squirl.

Dun dun dunnnnnn

You’ll see soon enough….FAMOUS Skate video

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Rhythm In 1996 = Amazing!

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Im not one to write a review nor massive paragraph…
But after coming across this Rhythm Skateboard Promo
from 1996 I’m blown away!…People like Danny Montoya,
Richard Angelides, Forrest Kirby, Jeff Taylor, Chani Jeanguenin,
and Felix! Crushing it From Nollie 180 Heelflip 5-0’s, to
switch back 50-50 ‘s on out rails!…And buttery styles. Its crazy that rythm
isnt around anymore. Its deff amazing to see most of those people
never gave up the little kid inside them that loves to skate
everyday….Theirs rumors of another board company coming
out, You’ll see soon enough!….