2009 October

Out In SF….

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Jimmy and Jamie came up from SD to sherd up FRISCO!

You know the streetcorner video is gonna be
off the chain..wait till you see see what went down!

Crazy ass spots!

Adrian Williams everybody!…haha “we out here baby”

New Adrian Williams Mario 8-bit THINK graphic.

Someone got a trick!


Jimmy ends the day wit this steezy front board….
– We out here!

Ryan Garshell: Funky In Frisco!

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FL Finest Ryan Garshell made the move from
FL to SF and gets funky on these streets!..Peep
the edits he made and filmed. All the homies in it
Brian Delatorre, Ben Gore, Steve McClintock, Yoonie Cruz,
Zack Gonzalez, Danny Fuenzalida…..

Slaps One And A Million

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Hustle Jamie came through!

Homie Chuwy was killing it the whole time!
Got boardslide fakie before the cops came.

Tom was crushing it too. Tailslide Shuv first try!

Dave was getting steezy wit this switch back heel.

Love’n it!

Josh Matthews came on as a guest, He got up
and did smith pop out…

Last night! had to light up spots…Chuwy
warming up wit a front board! wait till you
see wat Dave did on it….