2009 July


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Shape Skateboards Presents:…..I dont know, ummm
something COOL! I think you might remember these
their called HOMIE VIDEOS!
Coming Soon….

Second Day Wit The Squad

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Arty came out wit the squad today and was
crushing it!

Adrian got the iLl kit!

Ice cream man was hyped we all
got ice cream…he’s mean  muggin though!

Why is it my ice cream matches me and
jimmy matches him! hahaha


Super Camera.

Billy Roper Sittings!

Kung Pow

Driving through downtown and see
my homie Tyler Hendley on the side
of a phone booth for a Forest Skateboards ad!

So iLl!

Arty Noel Crushing.

Berrics Hype: Felix Birthday Commander

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So one day I’m chilling wit Felix and he tells
me hes gonna film 40 tricks for his 40th
birthday and I’m like mhmmm not doubting him
but it just seemed intense to do, he sure did
do it! I feel blessed to be able to skate with this
man all the time! never mind have a trick in his Birthday 
Commander. Growing up as a kid all my friends called me little
Felix! Also i skated these converses which was one of my fav.
shoes and i just found out they’re his pro-model. Its
a pleasure not only skating with him but being under his wing…
Happy Birthday FELIX! Congrats.
“50 Year Old 50 Tricks” – Chany Jeanguenin